Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger Review

Can you ever have too many USB ports available? That’s a silly question; of course you can’t, and that applies whether you are at home, at work, or traveling. So here’s something that’ll help take some of the burden off of your laptop’s ports, allowing you to travel with just one power source: the Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger.

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Measuring approximately 5.3″ long x 2.75″ wide x 1.25″ thick, the Lumsing charger is compact enough to fit into a pocket in your laptop bag, gear bag, larger purse, or briefcase, but it is powerful enough that it can charge up to five devices at once using USB fast charge — including up to three tablets!

The Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger has:

  • 5V/30W output rate, 5 ports designed to charge iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab, and Android devices. Total 6.0A Max (Though designed specifically for Apple and Android devices, these ports are also capable of charging many other devices at full speed).
  • AC 100-240V input voltage ideal for international travel.
  • Intelligent protection IC and over voltage, over current, the leakage, short-circuit protection, safe power supply for the connected devices.

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The 12 ounce Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger isn’t just for travel, though; I use it on my desk, but you can also keep it in the bedroom or in a central location at your home where everyone can plug in as needed; it has a 3 foot power cord included . Sure, you’ll have to provide your own USB charging cable for each device, but for under $17 there’s no reason to complain.

But okay fine — there’s always room for improvement. If I had to pick one feature that I wish the Lumsing had, it would be an LED light by each port that lit up when a corresponding device was being charged. Although I know it would also greatly increase the price of such a doodad, the ability to turn off charging when the device was fully powered would be a cherry on top. Those features are not going to be seen on a product like this for so little money anytime in the near future, however.

Gear Diary Reviews the Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger-006If you have been looking for an inexpensive way to unify and simplify your charging needs at home or when traveling, then the Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger is a great way to accomplish that goal.


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The Lumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger retails for $16.80, and it is available on AmazonLumsing 5 Port USB Travel Charger Review.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Charges up to five mobile devices at once; includes a 3 foot long power cord; portable solution that also works well at home or in the office; no need to bring more than one USB charger with you when traveling; inexpensive

What Needs Improvement: LED charging indicator lights for device charge status would be nice, even if not completely necessary

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