La Plata Time Rings Are a Low-Tech Puzzle for these High-Tech Times

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La Plata Time Rings Are a Low-Tech Puzzle for these High-Tech Times

You can only sling so many angry birds at chortling pigs before your mind goes numb and you want something … different. Sometimes the simplest things can captivate the imagination; a case in point would be this lovely low-tech and natural puzzle made from a slice of cypress.

The puzzle is made from the wood of Cypress trees, that died naturally and it does keep me wondering about the history of the tree and its surroundings. Unfortunately I didn’t find this object too near to the region of the Patagonian Andes lakes, where it actually comes from. I simply never been there, although it is said to be an incredible area. I came across the ‘Time Rings’ puzzle while switching planes in La Plata, Buenos Aires, almost 1000 miles up north.

Each puzzle is handmade by Manu Rapoport and Martin Sabattini, and each piece is unique and numbered. You may choose from either “easy” or “difficult”.

This looks like the perfect way to wind down in the evening, don’t you think?

La Plata Time Rings Are a Low-Tech Puzzle for these High-Tech Times


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The Time Rings Puzzle at Found by James retails for € 39.

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