Nokia’s New Offerings “They Are THAT Good”

GearDiary MWC Nokia 009

I spent some time with Nokia’s North American Director of Communications this afternoon, checking out their latest phones.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 001

So this is the new Lumia 610; it will be the most budget-friendly of the Lumia line.

I also got a look at the Asha 610. has an 800MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. It isn’t aimed at the US market, but it seems like a solid and user-friendly device (all things considered).

GearDiary MWC Nokia 004

I also saw the Asha 302. It has a full-QWERTY keypad, a 2.4-inch QVGA display.

Nokia's New Offerings "They Are THAT Good"

It has a 3.2 megapixel fixed-focus camera, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 020

I got to fondle the 800 and the ‘soon to be released in North America’ 900, but my mind was blown by the new 41 megapixel 808.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 028
GearDiary MWC Nokia 036

GearDiary MWC Nokia 032

I’ll admit to being highly critical about it when I first heard that Nokia would be releasing it as a Symbian device, but after checking it out, I see it more as a camera that can be a phone than anything else. The price will contract-free, and the picture and videos it takes make this a no brainer to replace my G11.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 030

It is that good.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 039

And by the way? This picture of Keith standing next to the mural is a full size picture that was taken with the 808. Amazing. Even more amazing is the sound quality found in the 808’s videos. Simply put, it blows away all of the other portable digital recorders I have owned, much less seen.

GearDiary MWC Nokia 037

In addition, I was able to speak with Ari Partinen, a Senior Engineer in Nokia Imaging and Smart Devices Technology. The pride that was evident as he talked about the 808 was very well-deserved.

Make sure you check out this entire gallery as there are tons more images. =)

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  1. The Asha looks very…Palm-ish.  Like a Treo 800w. The pics taken with the Symbian are amazing though!

  2. Just a small correction: the 41MP phone is the 808, not the 810.

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