DBest Solo Bluetooth Mini Speaker Review

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Since getting my JawBone JamBox some months ago I’ve had a “thing” for small Bluetooth speakers. Most recently I’ve been using two offerings from DBest. Here’s what DBest has to say about their products:

The most important thing in music are not the lyrics, but the way of recieving. The way music is transferred determines how much we like our music. To be short: the better the quality of our speakers, the better we can enjoy music! DBest speakers provide premium sound quality that is considered the finest in the world. This way they can give you maximum pleasure listening to your music. Quality doesn’t deny itself. Play music through a laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player or any other device and listen to the best sound quality in the smallest housing. Experience how easy it is to transform your living room into a concert room or just create a party with friends on the beach with the portable mini-speakers from DBest.

The speakers, the PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker and the Duo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker Set (PS4003BT-RB) are some of the more unusual looking speakers I have seen. They are small. They are round. And they pack a punch. Today is the first of our two part review of DB’s offerings. Let’s take a look.

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First up is the PS4001BT. It is

the world’s smallest Bluetooth Hi-Fi system. By eliminating the need for a cable to transmit audio we have made the use of the speaker at home or in office significantly more convenient and we have achieved true portability. The high capacity Lithium battery built into the speaker ensures up to 20 hours of uninterrupted playback time on a single charge. The speaker features our second generation amplifier with improved bass and treble without distortion even at high volumes. The operation of the PS4001BT is extremely easy and the device is also compatible with non-Bluetooth devices connected through the line-in cable.

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This diminutive speaker can stream music wirelessly up to 45 feet. It offers up to 20 hrs. of continuous wireless playback and 40 hours if the music player is connected via the included cable. It is compatible with all standard USB chargers (PC, Car, wall charger). It includes a charging cable but it does not include a wall charger.

Thanks to 2.1+EDR Bluetooth and a 3.5mm audio jack the speaker is compatible with… well with just about every mobile device that can push out music.

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The speaker is cute. Yes, I used the word cute and I did it because that is really the only word I could think of to describe it. It is tiny, bright and has a blue power-on indicator that glows when it is on. It is cute. The colors make it stand out although you can also get it in white if this is too bright for you. And the shape… well when I first puklled it out Elana looked and said, “Okay, now what’s that?”

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Controls are limited. Okay, that’s actually an understatement. The controls don’t exist. There is an on/off switch and… no that’s it, there is just an on/off switch. Turn on the speaker and it will immediately offer to pair with any device that is searching for a Bluetooth connection. Tap the speaker on the device and, a few seconds later, the two will be paired. There is no volume control so that is adjusted on the music player itself. Here the technical specs:

Bluetooth Protocol:2.1+EDR

Transmission Distance:10~15 meters

Amp. Frequency Range:180Hz-20KHz

Signal/Noise Ratio:>80dB

Driver:4ohm, Ø40mm

Rating Power:2W (with amplifier)

Line Input:Ø3.5mm

Rechargeable Battery:400mAH Lithium Ion

Battery Voltage:3.7V

Full Charging Time:~3hrs

Charging Voltage:5V

Power Input:Mini USB (5V/500mA)

Size 2.3 by 3.9″

Net Weight:2.3oz

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I really like this little loop on the speaker. It makes the speaker almost like a bright Christmas ornament. In fact, one actually COULD hang it from their tree and have music play. Or you could wear it around your neck. Personally I’m not about to do either one but you COULD and that makes me smile.

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When you turn on the speaker a light shines as an indicator. It looks rather neat.

All the features (or lack there-of) and the unusual appearance are neat but this is a speaker and what really matters at the end of the day is the sound. So how DOES it sound? It is a mixed bag. The speaker packs a punch. There is no doubt about that. And the sound is rather good, especially considering the size. It does distort as it approaches the upper end of its volume but that is already way too loud so I have a hard time seeing the volume at that level all too often. And it CERTAINLY blows away the built in speaker on any device with which I used it. (That includes the iPhone, iPad, HTC Titan and more.)

Realistically, this is not going to stand up against something like the JamBox but, then again, the JamBox is more than three times the price.

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For under $60 you can get a tiny speaker that sounds pretty darn good, is completely portable, can give you 20 hours or wireless audio and 40 hours of wired audio AND, in the process, it will draw attention. It is not the speaker for an audiophile but it is great for someone who wants audio on the go and is looking for something that blows away the speaker or speakers built into there mobile device. It is available in Glossy White or a Rubberized Black/Red.

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Small; Cool looking; Long playtime; Neat loop for hanging; Decent sound and punch for the size

What Needs Improvement: A bit tinny with distortion at the highest levels


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  1. Hey Dan – thanks for the two DBest mini-speaker reviews.  I’m looking for a small, portable speaker option to use with my ipod on my motorboat.  How would you compare the DBest speakers with the X-Mini Max II?

  2. I haven’t tried the X-Mini Max II so unfortunately I can’t offer anything useful here. Sorry.

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