Staples Asks, ‘How Fast Can You Read?’

Staples Asks, 'How Fast Can You Read?'

It’s no secret that I love to read. Even as a kid I was an avid reader, and my parents had trouble finding books to keep me occupied for long periods of time. When I was in 5th grade my mom gave me “Gone With the Wind”, and I finished it in three days. Basically, I read a lot, and very quickly. Still, when Staples sent their “Speed Reading” test, I was surprised to see my results:

Staples Asks, 'How Fast Can You Read?'

For the record, I ran it twice, and the second time had these results:

Staples Asks, 'How Fast Can You Read?'

So spending my childhood reading did more than give me a pasty complexion! If only I could run 314% faster than the national average…

Anyway, Staples set up this great interactive in honor of Read an eBook Week! After you get tested, Staples tells you how many hours/days it would take you to read different books, AND which ebook reader lets you read the most books before the battery gives out (based on your reading speed). It’s a smart marketing tool since Staples sells a full line of ebook readers, including NOOK, Kindle, and Sony! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Be sure to check it out right here! So who’s going to beat my scores? And what book are you reading for “Read an eBook Week”? I’m reading “The Last Bookstore in America” (free this week!) Share your times and book recommendations in the comments!

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