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March 10, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Stream Vijay Iyer’s New Album ‘Accelerando’ on NPR Before Next Week’s Release!

While the collaborative recording Tithra didn’t quite make my ‘tops of 2011’ list, Vijay Iyer’s Historyicity remains one of the best recordings of the last five years and a personal favorite. So when I heard that Vijay Iyer’s trio was releasing a new album in early 2012 I got excited … and when I discovered that NPR was hosting the full record for streaming I was REALLY excited. And after listening … I am ecstatic!

Here is a snip from the accompanying article:

Accelerando (out March 13) is also a record of heavy grooves in flux, of improvising against one other, of driving instruments to their extremes. If this all sounds like a lot to ask of just piano, acoustic bass and drum set, it is. That’s part of the appeal, hearing bassist Stephan Crump violently wrest the bow or drummer Marcus Gilmore slam, feather, crosshatch, overlay. The other part is sensing a band grappling with a long tradition of innovation, and risking everything to add to it.

After listening to the recording I headed to Amazon to drop it on my Wish List so I’d remember to buy – and while you can pre-order the CD, the MP3 album is ALREADY available! So you can head here and grab this great music! Head to NPR and check out the great new piano trio recording from Vijay Iyer!

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