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March 11, 2012 • Gear Bits

“Would You Believe…” It Is That Close?

Google Chrome

The very first time Maxwell smart’s “Would You Believe…??” made an appearance on the Classic TV show Get Smart, it was in reference to Smart being tortured after being captured by the enemy.

He says,

“The most fiendish torture ever devices by man- the water torture. A drop of water on the forehead every minute for 300 gallons… Would you believe it?”

(Reply, “That’s pretty hard to believe.”)

“Would you believe a quart?… What if they came by once a day with a glass of water and an eye-dropper?”

Well, Apple has its own form of torture and this is it…

Www fedex com Tracking action=track language=english cntry code=us initial=x tracknumbers=485074005060 1


Yes, my new iPad is already in Pennsylvania, it is a short drive away but FedEx isn’t allowed to deliver until Friday. “Would you believe that close??…” I think I would prefer the water…

4 Responses to " “Would You Believe…” It Is That Close? "

  1. TMEhrlich says:

    It is ONLY 5 days! Hahahah!

  2. Drew Guttadore says:


  3. And THIS is why I haven’t checked my tracking … it is due on the 16th, and unless I hear otherwise I will just expect it then.

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