The iPad Camera in Action (Literally)!

The iPad Camera in Action (Literally)!

The new iPad has a fantastic camera, but it has led to the question “Why?” Why would anyone choose to hold up a 10″ tablet to snap a picture instead of the camera on their mobile phone or a regular point & shoot? It is a stumper, because unless you want a huge viewfinder, there are much more ergonomic and lighter choices in cameras.

However, at least two or three people HAVE been snapping shots with their iPads. While running the ‘Rock N Roll DC’ half-marathon today, I passed a clump of spectators where everyone was holding up iPads to photograph the runners! My only assumption is that they were looking for their friends, and realized the only tool they had handy to document the race was their iPads! Or maybe they just wanted to impress all the sweaty people streaming by them with their iPads?

I would have stopped to ask, but I was a bit busy! 😉

Have you seen someone using the iPads camera where the camera on their mobile phone or a regular point & shoot would have been less awkward? Let us know in the comments!

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