Polar Balance Smart Scale Adds Weight Tracking to the Polar Flow Ecosystem

Polar has been expanding their fitness portfolio beyond just heart rate monitoring, with a slew of activity trackers and GPS watches. Now they’re making the whole ecosystem even more holistic by adding weight management with the new Polar Balance scale!

The Polar Balance scale is a wifi connected scale that hooks into the Polar Flow app. At only $99 it falls on the cheaper end of the connected scale options, but obviously it works best if you already have an investment in Polar via their activity tracking devices. Also, it can accommodate up to 10 profiles, so your entire rugby 7’s team can share one scale if that’s your thing.

What sounds neat about the Polar Balance is that the Flow app can use your activity levels along with your weight details to help you maintain, lose, or gain weight. Instead of your weight measurements existing on their own, you can see how an active week or a sedentary one changes your body composition over time.

Connected scales are clearly the next step in fitness tracking, so if you use Polar products be sure to check out the Polar Balance!

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