Is That a Cthulhu on Your Face?

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Is That a Cthulhu on Your Face? Listen to this article

Is That a Cthulhu on Your Face?

This knit hat bears the uncanny likeness to one who should need no introduction, to H. P. Lovecraft fans, at least: Cthulhu. His very existence may be outside our realm of understanding, but this scary cross of octopus, dragon and  human caricature is sure to bring second looks wherever he is seen. Has Cthulhu awoken and decided that it’s time to rule the Earth again? If so, then we mere mortals had better be very, very afraid … “la, ia, Cthulhu fhtagn!”

A comfortable, soft beanie with loads of curly tentacles!
Perfect as a ski hat, keeps the whole face warm!
Made in soft wool-acrylic mix, it doesn’t itch at all.

For $30, Cthulhu can be yours (ZukkaBlu’s Etsy Shop).

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