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January 18, 2013 • Gear Bits, News

Are Subway’s ‘Not Quite Footlongs’ the Next Class Action Lawsuit Fodder?


Not too long ago Apple iTunes customers got a voucher for a few dollars based on a settlement from a lawsuit. The lawsuit came after Apple shifted pricing on music from $0.99 per song to a $0.69/$0.99/$1.29 tiered scheme to appease record labels. Suddenly gift cards that said ‘Buy 10 Songs’ would only buy 7 or 8.

Now we have word that there is quite an online uproar over Subway ‘footlong’ subs not quite measuring up. According to the Yahoo article the trouble began when “a very precise customer, identified as Matt Corby of Perth, ordered a footlong sub and then pulled out a tape measure. Corby found the sub measured only 11 inches long and took his outrage to Facebook, where he posted a photo of his sub alongside the tape measure on the company’s page with the caption, “subway pls respond.””

Evidently, four out of seven “Five-dollar Footlongs” purchased at Subways in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens measured only 11 or 11.5 inches.What do you think? Is this a big deal, or yet another overblown internet maelstrom?

7 Responses to " Are Subway’s ‘Not Quite Footlongs’ the Next Class Action Lawsuit Fodder? "

  1. Doug Miller says:

    Not only is this an overblown Internet maelstrom, it may qualify as the most overblown Internet maelstrom ever.

  2. Travis Swartz says:

    Fail, Sounds like either OCD or someone looking for a free hand out.

  3. David Hahn says:

    Some of the sandwiches may be a little shorter, but they all contain the same amount of bread and meats. We should sue these imbeciles for wasting taxpayer’s money with something so frivolous.

  4. Diego Ceja says:

    We should be more unhappy with the horrible lunch and dinner rush service. I refuse to wait in line for this mediocre sub…def not worth the long wait at any size.

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