Protect Your AirPod Pros with Nomad’s Latest Case

If you have a pair of Airpod Pros, you know that white case can get dinged up in your pocket or bag easily. So why not protect your $250 investment with a case from one of the most reputable case makers today, Nomad?

Nomad’s been hard at work for years creating protects to protect your smartphones, and more recently your standard AirPods, but now Nomad is introducing their Active Leather AirPods Pro cases that give a more rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing look than Apple could eve give. Build with hydrophobic, water-resistant Heinen Tannery leather sourced from Germany, the Active Rugged case not only repels water but develops that patina that only Nomad products can give. So if you have a habit of going on a run with your Airpod Pros in your zippered pocket, the Active Leather AirPods Case will get you through that or any other adventures you might have.

Available for $34.95 in Black or Brown, the AirPods Pro cases do come with a lanyard attachment point (a wrist strap is sold separately) with an integrated “light pipe” that allows you to see the charging light indicator to the front of the case.

You can learn more or purchase one by visiting this link.

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