V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

Last month we had a giveaway for V-MODA, and at CES Judie and Dan were very impressed by the headphones. The folks at V-MODA were kind enough to send a custom set along with the Gear Diary logo, and I gave them to my son the aspiring DJ. Now we have gotten some hands-on time with them – let’s take a look and see what we thought!

The Hype:
Developed over the span of four years in collaboration with some of the world’s top musicians, DJs and producers, the Crossfade LP delivers epic sound with a distinct design composed of luxurious fabrics and lightweight metals. Designed to be the ultimate versatile and multi-purpose headphone, Crossfade LP is made for people on the move, at the gym or on the stage.

– High-Definition Sound
– Fashion Forward Design
– Ultimate Ergonomic Comfort
– Universal Compatibility
– Built To Last

The Reality:

Reviewing high-quality headphones is a rather difficult thing for a couple of reasons – the sound quality and quality ‘feel’ of the build are something you really need to experience first-hand. So I thought it was critical to get an opinion from someone using the headphones day-in and day-out for a few weeks – and my son was more than happy to oblige. As a music lover and aspiring electronic musician and DJ, he already has some decent sets of headphones, so one thing I was looking for was to see if he drifted back to something else.

If you watch the video review below, he closes by saying ‘these are the best headphones I have ever used’ … and as I write this he is wearing them while working in FL studio on some new creation. Needless to say, he is totally enamored with the V-MODA headphones.

V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

When you first open the shipping package, the box is impressive and stylish. I have never been one to care much about outer cardboard and this was no exception. What was INSIDE however was another story. It was, and is, simply awesome! The headphones come in a tough zippered case with elastic straps holding everything in place. This isn’t one of those cheap deals where you soon simply stuff things in and hoping nothing falls out! No, this is a case designed with the same care and detail as the headphones they protect.

Inside the case you get the headphones, one 3.5mm-to-3.5mm heavy duty Kevlar-reinforced cable, 3.5mm-to-3.5mm 3-Button mic/audio Kevlar-reinforced cable, 3.5mm-to-1/4″ plug adapter, and a caribiner clip. All of the plugs are 24k gold-plated for top-quality sound, and all of the audio connections are at a 45 degree angle. That allows you to plug the cord into a variety of connections.

V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

The headphones are of the over-the-ear kind, and have a broad range of adjustments to accommodate various sized heads. This was a great feature since, between our family we have a wide variety of adult heads that ranges from ‘normal’ to ‘really big melon’. The CrossFade LP can easily adjust to each of us … AND remain completely comfortable.

Comfort is a HUGE thing with over-the-ear headphones, and is one of the many strong features of the CrossFade LP. The cushions are soft and well positioned. They provide proper isolation and sound delivery without putting too much pressure on your ears or sides of your head. You can easily wear these headphones for an extended period of time without discomfort – probably longer than you should.

V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

The design and build are the best I have ever seen in a set of headphones, with a solid feel to every connection and moving part. These are meant to be USED – and in live settings – so you know the build has to be solid yet flexible. If you have ever watched a techno DJ you will see them taking headphones on and off, one ear or both or just setting them around their neck – there is constant motion. We have had other headphones – some with decent name brands – quickly develop cracks from this sort of repeated use. But not the CrossFade LP – even after nearly a month of use they still feel brand new!

For me, the most important feature of all is sound quality. The CrossFade LP uses a dual-diaphragm driver to maximize frequency response while minimizing power drain. They form part of the entire sound system that includes the airflow for maximum 3D sound separation and the cushions to create near perfect isolation. Bottom line – these are the best sounding headphones I have ever used, including ones with external sound processors and battery packs. It is hard to hear in the video, but the sound quality is GREATLY enhanced using the CrossFade compared to the built-in Sony speakers. And as you might note, once the headphones are on the head – you are fully isolated.

V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP Hands-On Review

The V-MODA CrossFade LP are an amazing set of headphones for a variety of reasons: great sound, excellent build quality, flexibility and great included extras, a case that will keep you organized and your headphones safe. They also provide the option for custom nameplates – just like our Gear Diary model! If you are trying to create and sell music and hand the headset to someone to listen, they will remember your sound, and with the custom nameplate they will remember you as well. At $200 these are not cheap, but they are meant to last years and sound tremendous the entire time.

Here is the hands-on video:

Review: V-MODA Custom Crossfade LP

Where to Buy: V-MODA.com

Price: $199.99

What I Like: Excellent sound quality; Solid construction; great case; perfect set of included extras; Did I mention the great sound quality?

What Needs Improvement: Not a single thing

Source: Manufacturer Review Sample

V-MODA uses memory foam in the cushions to maximize isolation and a custom airflow system to ensure comfort … and it works.

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