Stay Cool as Temps Rise!

Stay Cool as Temps Rise!

Monday is a big day for many runners. It’s the 116th annual Boston Marathon (the oldest marathon in the world!), which is always an exciting event. I love following Boston, even though I don’t have a shot at qualifying to run it unless they let me race with a rocket strapped to my legs. This year is going to be very unusual though, and it serves as a good reminder to always adjust as temperatures rise quickly in this warm spring.

See, Boston starts at 11am, and this Monday it looks like it is going to be a bit warm. As in, well into the 80’s warm. For reference, the 2007 Chicago Marathon was shut down partway through the race when the temperature hit 88 degrees. Running in temperatures that hot can be done, but it gets uncomfortable after a few miles. Obviously, the risks for the runners increase even more when you’re looking at 26.2 miles. So Boston is taking two huge steps: the course will be open for 7 hours, not 6 (to allow people to run slower if they need to), and anyone who does not feel like they can run in the heat can defer to the 2013 race.

The majority of people who run Boston have qualified for it, meaning they have demonstrated the ability to run a marathon reasonably quickly. If the Boston Marathon organizers are concerned about the safety of their experienced runners, then that’s a warning to anyone in the northeast who might be out running these next few days.

Stay hydrated, take it slow, and dress light. Runner’s World has some handy tips if you need guidance on how to prepare for an unusually warm day, and if someone you know (you?) is running Boston this Monday, tell them good luck from Gear Diary!

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