Something Tells Me Microsoft and Nokia are Smiling as Lumia 900 Sells Out

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Something Tells Me Microsoft and Nokia are Smiling as Lumia 900 Sells Out Listen to this article
Something Tells Me Microsoft and Nokia are Smiling as Lumia 900 Sells Out

When Apple ran into issues with the iPhone 4 and “Antennagate”, even Consumer Reports refusal to recommend the phone didn’t slow down the adoption rate of the device. It sold, and it sold well.

Now it looks like Nokia and Microsoft may be having the same bit of luck. Sure there were some initial issues with the Lumia 900 and connectivity. Issues like… For some, it just would not connect*. However that doesn’t seem to have slowed the popularity of the phone. A quick look at AT&T Wireless’ smartphone offerings shows the device out of stock. I can only imagine the two companies are pinching themselves.

Sure, Nokia coming clean about the issue, effectively making the device free in the initial weeks of it being on the market and releasing the software fix early than expected didn’t hurt but still, when a phone with widely publicized issues still sells out it suggests the device is a winner. And now that the software patch IS out, things can only go up from here.

The Lumia 900 is a nice phone… A VERY nice phone, and Windows Phone is an excellent operating system. The combination of the two makes for a powerhouse device that, at least in its initial week, is more than a bit popular. And it makes me wonder if Microsoft, despite being late for the game, just may begin to make the case for their operating system over, say, Android.


*Judie has a Nokia 900, and she has had no issues. If you have one, what has your experience been?

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