Adonit Photogrip Qi’s Is a Suitable Upgrade to an Already Great Camera Accessory

Back in 2018, I reviewed Adonit’s original PhotoGrip, a stellar camera shutter attachment that made for better group photos and selfies. While I enjoyed it, one thing I grew to really want from it was a bit more comfort holding while shooting footage with my phone. And looks like the company listened in their updated PhotoGrip Qi.

Adonit Photogrip Qi’s Is a Suitable Upgrade to an Already Great Camera Accessory

Perfect for that group photo or even recording yourself in video mode, the Adonit PhotoGrip Qi features a more streamlined ergonomic handle that will allow you to capture images more effectively without your finger getting caught in the way. What’s more, is that the PhotoGrip Qi now allows you to now charge wirelessly with its built-in 300mAh battery wireless charging pad so you don’t ever end up missing that image when you’re shooting your photos.

Adonit Photogrip Qi’s Is a Suitable Upgrade to an Already Great Camera Accessory

Just like the previous model, it comes complete with a tripod which will be a hit this summer when we’re taking family photos and my Mother-In-law decides she needs a setup to take our yearly “lobster” photo at the table for the Fourth of July.

With the detachable shutter remote and standard 1?4 screw tripod capability, our Adonit Photograph Qi transforms any smartphone into a point and shoot camera in a matter of seconds,” explained Andre Bradford, Adonit Sales Director of the Americas. “Gone are the days of the awkward arm angle for a selfie or the inability to get that perfect large group shot. The added bonus is truly the wireless charger that is built into the PhotoGrip Qi, which adds an extra layer of convenience and security while diminishing the clutter in any traveler’s bag. With selfie sticks being banned in many places and external chargers turning into a necessity, the Photogrip Qi is the must-have photo accessory of 2019.

I will have to say though, the Adonit works with many phones (any 4.5″ or larger) and most of your favorite cases that are on the market, but they do stumble when it comes to battery cases. As a frequent user of Apple’s Smart Battery case, the PhotoGrip Qi is NOT a fan of it and not compatible at all. You can obviously take your phone out of the Smart Battery Case, but you’re risking damaging a $1000 phone for the sake of a few photos. But in practice, it’s a great accessory that’s in my summer gadget bag for all of those opportunities my arms can’t reach, or I need to simply get everyone in the shot. And it should be in yours as well.

Adonit Photogrip Qi’s Is a Suitable Upgrade to an Already Great Camera Accessory

At $59.99 the Adonit PhotoGrip Qi is available in Black or white with teal accents and comes complete with a carrying pouch, neck strap mini tripod and a USB-C cable (!!). You can purchase directly from the Adonit, or you can buy from Amazon today [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Improved ergonomic handle with removable Bluetooth shutter button; Wireless charging

What Needs Improvement: Not compatible with bulkier cases

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