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April 23, 2012 • News

Skype Now Available for Windows Phone 7.5 Devices

Windows Phone users rejoice!  Microsoft has at long last released Skype v1.0 into the Windows Marketplace for supported devices. So now owners of Windows Phone 7.5 devices sporting at least 512MB RAM can now make and receive Skype calls as well as chat with contacts/friends on their handsets over 3G and 4G and of course Wi-Fi.

A few important caveats, however:

  1. As previously mentioned, currently only 7.5 devices with 512MB of RAM are supported**
  2. Skype calls cannot be received if the Skype app isn’t running in the foreground (i.e., Skype must be the “active” task)
  3. Skype currently does not support bluetooth headsets
  4. Certain notifications may terminate a Skype call (e.g., an incoming call or battery level warning)
  5. Skype won’t run properly if connected via USB to a PC.

So while there are some notable omissions/missing features on v1.0, users now at least have the opportunity to utilize an app that has been a staple of Android and iOS, offering a small step towards Skype integration with other platforms. For me, finally, I’ll be able to make video calls to distant friends and relatives from my Nokia Lumia 900, none of whom presently use Tango.

That is, until my wife calls me while I’m Skyping…

Much work still needs to be done to really make Skype for Windows Phone shine, but it’s a start. Whether or not it will help entice more users to the platform remains to be seen.

**UPDATE: According to Engadget, Nokia is apparently working on a version of Skype that will run on its 610 series, so perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for lower-memory Windows Phone devices?

Also, the Skype Garage blog lists known issues with Skype for Windows Phone, so WP Skype enthusiasts can keep tabs there as well.

(update via Engadet)

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