Nomad’s Silicone Strap for Apple Watch Looks Better and Is More Affordable Than Apple’s

If you have an Apple Watch, then you might be a huge fan of their silicone wrist straps that come included with the popular smartwatch. But what if you wanted something a little bit nicer but with a similar feel? Well, you might be in luck.


Nomad sent me over their 42mm Silicone Strap for Apple Watch ($39) to check out, and it’s everything you’d expect from Apple’s popular band but with its own flair that sets it apart. Made of Vulcanized LSR Silicone, the Nomad strap is everything you wanted Apple’s band to be and more. Not only is it stylish enough to go from the gym to the bar, but it’s got a damn good feel to it.

As someone who has the space grey Apple watch, the black silicone feels like the Apple band, but a bit more stylish. Unlike the Apple Watch, Nomad made it a whole lot more stylish with the silicon designed with a unique design that I can only explain as looking rubberized. Most people say that their Apple silicone case attracts a lot of dust, and I can confirm that Nomad’s actually doesn’t.

What’s worth mentioning though is the fact that Nomad’s lugs are made a bit different from the way other companies make them. Created from 316 stainless steel and made in either black or silver according to the watch you have, they slide in and out of the slot on your Apple Watch as if the Cupertino company made it themselves.


Unlike the traditional strap, the Nomad Silicone Strap actually has a buckle that does not tuck in, but that could certainly be a good thing. While it’s not as flat on a surface either, I personally think the stainless steel look is awesome. Dare I say it looks better that their Horween leather Strap in not only construction but in overall comfort. So much so I wear it every day, to work, and to the gym, and it holds up fine even after two solid weeks of 12+ hours of wear. Since I still have the first edition of Apple Watches, I can’t put my watch to a swim test, but I can say that sweat repels off the band MUCH better than Apple’s own. With my Apple Watch after a week of wearing, dirt and dust would accumulate under the band over time, but Nomad’s band I’ve yet to see ANY issues.



Like many of Nomad’s products, they continue the streak of excellent products, and if you are looking for an inexpensive band for your 42mm Apple Watch band (not currently available for the smaller version), you need to head over to Nomad today and purchase yourself a Nomad Silicone Strap today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Soft and fits comfortably on the wrist

What needs Improvement: Currently only available in one color (black)

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