Growing Pains and other Idiocy

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Growing Pains and other Idiocy Listen to this article
Growing Pains and other Idiocy
If, based upon the title of this post and the image I used, you thought I was going to go on some rant about Kirk Cameron’s opinions on a host of issues, think again. (I have, however, made clear on numerous occasions that he and I could not disagree more, especially about the issue of marriage equality.) No, I’m speaking about growing pains and idiocy of the Apple kind.
Elana and I arrived for dinner with my parents a bit early so I hit the Apple Store at the Short Hills Mall while we waited for them. I used to think Apple salespeople were well trained but, after listening to one salesperson speak to a customer, I’m not so sure anymore. The man was looking for a laptop and the salesperson truly appeared to have no clue. My first hint came when he said, “Oh this 13″ MacBook Air is comparable to a NetBook”. Way to sell the guy on the MBA Mr. Apple Idiot. Seriously, that’s like saying, “This car is something you should consider. It is kind of like the Yugo…” (And, having owned numerous netbooks I can say with certainty that that is a stupid comparison.)
It got better when, a short time later, he said, “The air is really for someone who already has another laptop”. Seriously? The MBA is not for someone who has so much spare cash that they can purchase an entire additional laptop just for travel? Tell that to Elana who only has an air and could be happier. Or me for that matter. I only got an iMac recently because I wanted to have something that would also act as a remote server and an external display. As it was I almost went with the Cinema Display and got the iMac because, for a bit more, I got the display and an extra computer.
But the best had to be when, in response to the question “Is it dual or quad core” the salesperson said, “Oh, neither, it just has a single core processor.”
Uhm no.
Growing Pains and other Idiocy
Something tells me Apple needs to up their salesperson training just a bit.
Oh, and as for Kirk Cameron… Not a fan.

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