Quad Lock Mounting Deluxe System for iPhone 4S, Review and Giveaway


You need the right tool for the right job and the $69.95 Quad Lock Mounting Deluxe System for the iPhone 4 and 4S MIGHT be the right tool for YOU but it sure isn’t the right tool for ME. Here’s why and a chance to win the review sample.

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From Quadlock:

The Quad Lock Deluxe Kit gives you everything you need to mount your iPhone just about anywhere. Mount your iPhone with the Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO while cycling and the Quad Lock Wall Mount in the home, office and car.

The Deluxe Kit includes:

1 x Quad Lock Case for iPhone 4/4S (Polycarbonate hardcase )

2 x Quad Lock Wall Mounts (3M self adhesive)

1 x Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO

Mounting hardware (o-rings and zip ties)

Instructions (English)

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Let’s start with the good news. The Quad Lock Deluxe Kit comes with a rather minimalist iPhone case, two wall mounts, one bike mount and a variety of ways to attach the bike mount. That means you can use it on your bike AND have two permanent locations where it is attached to the wall. For example, you might put one on the wall by the bed and another in a strategic place in the kitchen.

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The Quad Lock design is rather ingenious. Without making the iPhone case too thick, it creates an attachment point for the various mounts that is simple to use and, at least in my testing, reliable. It also is fast, letting you contact and remove the iPhone in about a second. As noted, there are two types of mount.

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The Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO

The Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO is the lightest iPhone bike mounting system on the Market! Using our Patented Quad Lock dual action locking mechanism the Bike Mount PRO secures your iPhone to your MTB, road bike or Motorbike. The Bike Mount PRO can be mounted in just seconds using our quick mount o-rings (included) or for a more permanent method the mount can be secured using Zip Ties (included). The Mount best suits tube sizes from 25 – 40mm.

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It is a neat system that locks onto the iPhone case and requires the user to pull down on the blue ring in order to rotate and remove it. As far as secure mounting goes this is a great approach.

To attach the bike mount to the actual bike is a bit less refined. It uses either the included rubber bands or zip ties. It IS effective… just not refined.

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The Quad Lock Wall Mount:

The Quad Lock Wall Mount is the perfect solution for mounting to any flat surface around the home, kitchen, bathroom, office or car. Once mounted your iPhone can be oriented in both portrait and landscape with a simple twist. Each mount comes with a 3M VHB (very high bond) self adhesive backing which will adhear to most flat, non porus surfaces. We recommend throughly cleaning the suface before applying the mount to the wall. Alternatively if you want a more permanent mount you can also screw the mount to the wall using a 6-8 gauge screw (not supplied).

The wall mount is also a secure system but it does not have the same double-connect blue ring as the bike mount. Then again, since it isn’t being jostled will going over rough terrain such a double ring would be overkill.

As previously noted, there are two wall mounts and each is physically attached to the wall.

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Then there is the case. It is a minimalist case with no “lay on the table” protection. It clicks over the silver bands on the iPhone and grabs the slight indentation at the top near the screen. And it GRABS it. I actually almost broke two nails trying to get my iPhone out!

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The cutouts are placed perfectly and the case provides surface protections by coming up to the same level as the buttons’ tops.

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The bottom is pretty well exposed but the all-too vulnerable corners are protected.

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The same goes for the top. Surprisingly, the camera cutout is small. I write “surprisingly” because Apple has asked manufacturers to make the cutout larger in order to minimize issues with the flash. (That is why the cutouts on the new Speck cases look a bit overdone.)

This all sounds great doesn’t it? So why don’t I like this case? Two reasons- one is a matter of taste the second is a matter of need.

Let’s start with the latter reason. The design of the quad lock is brilliant. It does the job but isn’t too cumbersome or thick. Still, it does add some thickness to the case and makes it a bit less comfortable to hold. The ONLY reason to use this case is if you are a serious biker and need your iPhone in view while you ride. I’m not a serious biker and, even if I were, I would not want the distraction of my iPhone while I rode. The result? I have no reason to have this thicker case.

On the taste front it is even simpler. There are different types of plastic and the plastic used for this case looks and feels cheap to me. It is hard, dullish and, overall, doesn’t strike me as being a quality offering. For $70 it should be.

All that combines into this- this isn’t the case and mounting system for me. If YOU, however, are a biker and want your iPhone near by this just might be the case for you. And you can win it. To enter simply leave a comment on this post telling us why you want it. Then make sure you subscribe to GD Weekly, out newsletter. The winner will be announced in tomorrow’s edition. (Sign up here.)

You can learn more or order yours here on the company site.

MSRP: $69.95

What I Like: Great attachment mounting system; Three mounts with the deluxe kit

What Needs Improvement: iPhone case looks and feels cheap to me; Only makes sense if you are a biker and then, maybe not since it introduces distraction

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  1. Jonathan Wee | May 25, 2012 at 12:39 pm |

    Have been looking for a bike accessory for my iPhone.. great to play music out loud while strolling down the streets, and can be a good pseudo GPS when I need to navigate around my neighbourhood.

  2. Would love it to attach to my bike for riding to/from school (where I teach)!

  3. Jesse McGill | May 31, 2012 at 8:55 pm |

    Great review! I have been searching all over for a mount and have been coming up short. I would like to use it to track fitness. I have a bike app that shows me the routes and trails I take, as well as speed, incline, calories burned etc… Its a motivating tool when you can just conveniently look down and see that you’ve burned 300 calories over 4 miles. All while listening to music and having a good clock on the go.

  4. It looks from videos and design, to work.. It would be fantastic tool, to utilize my iphone while mtn biking and road riding. I have used Garmin 60cs for GPS trail mapping and i utilized their attachment system for years, and found it faltered, and broke. I would like to see these come out as mainstream. I would review the pee out of it.. The video on their sight sold me.. But I agree price is highish.. Well see.. But overall I like your review, it’s to the point.. Thank you..

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