Ballistics Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Ballistics Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

The iPhone is an elegant device. So much has gone into the design, yet we all seem to cover them with cases. Most cases are used for protection, but there are also people who use them for style. I do prefer to protect my device, but if it is to be covered, I prefer protection also.

Large, bulky cases protect the phone well, but I find them to be extremely ugly and hate the bulk. Most options available that keep bulk down provide a limited amount of protection. I recently had the chance to try to try out the Life Style case by Ballistic, which promised to lose the bulk while providing the needed protection. Did it manage to do so? Let’s take a look.

Ballistics Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

We’ve heard your concerns about all of the bulky cases on the market for the iPhone 4, our response… we’d like to introduce you to the Ballistic Life Style (LS) Series Case for the iPhone 4. You can now stay protected and maintain your trendy appearance with a case you can fit in your pocket! This case offers the best of both worlds — its ultra-sleek profile creates minimal bulk, but still provides maximum protection. It’s also equipped with interchangeable Ballistic Corners in various thickness options – so choose your style: curved or rounded – either way you’ll be protected when life strikes.

The Life Style case is a gelskin case similar to others I have used. It comes in black, transparent blue and transparent black. The gelskin material is pliable enough to easily install the case, but also rigid enough to maintain its shape. The case fits tightly with covers for the volume rocker and lock button and openings for all ports, speakers and microphones. With the Life Style case installed, the phone feels good in my hand and in my pocket. There is virtually no bulk added, which is super important for me. The dimpled back is both attractive and provides a tactile feel.

Ballistics Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Being around high school kids most of my life has taught me that iPhones can be broken easily and often. It is not unusual to see at least one cracked screen every couple of weeks. I have also learned that the worst place the phone can land from a drop is on the corners. It seems that all of the energy is magnified in one place and leads to many cracked screens. In fact, my stat girl’s phone broke with a simple all from her lap while sitting on the bench at our last softball game this year. She said it just landed on the corner and did not even land very hard. The screen was basically destroyed and had to be replaced.

The Life Style case avoids the bulk by including what the company calls Ballistic corners. The corners of the phone sport bumpers with different thickness options that protect from the dreaded corner drop. Each case comes with ten bumpers. The five black bumpers are the standard size while the five red are much thicker and provide an extra level of protection. Including the fifth bumper as a replacement is a nice touch. I prefer the black simply because of style issues and not being a fan of red. Both bumper options provide an acceptable level of protection and basically bounce if landed on. The screen is also protected when face down with a raised edge.

Ballistics Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

I see so many cases on iPhones today that basically look like a beautiful, sleek phone stuck into a shoe box. Yes, the phone is safe and screen should not be cracked, but at what cost. I prefer to take a chance and try to be ultra careful over carrying a brick in my pocket. The Life Style case by Ballistic presents a case that feels good in my hand and adds virtually no bulk to my phone. The selectable Ballistic corners and raised screen edges provide a level of protection only found in other bulky cases. If I toss my phone on a counter of floor with the Life Style case it bounces around like a rubber ball and settles safe and sound. The case looks great, does not add bulk and protects the phone. What else is needed?

Ballistic Life Style Case for iPhone 4/4S

MSRP: $29.99

What I like: Full protection without the bulk. Stylish.

What could be improved: I would like to see the larger Ballistic bumpers also in black. The red is too bright for my case.

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