Just Mobile HoverDock: A Case Friendly Minimalistic iPhone Charging Dock


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Just Mobile HoverDock: A Case Friendly Minimalistic iPhone Charging Dock Listen to this article

If you work with your iPhone at the side of your laptop, then you know how handy a dock can be. Whether you’re just looking at notifications as they pop up or watching the time, it’s handy to have your device kept at a proper viewing angle.

rotating hoverdock

There are plenty of styles on the market, but few will look as good as the Just Mobile HoverDock. Even better, it doesn’t only work with iPhones; it can also work with other Lightning cable charged items.

The HoverDock’s body is encased in “an exquisite unibody aluminum disc”, its middle has a “hollow soft-touch plastic body with smart cable storage.”

1-Just Mobile HoverDock Parts.43 2-Just Mobile HoverDock Parts.48

To install the cable, you simply thread the Lightning cable tip through the opening at the top of the dock, attach the included small black plastic “elevator clip”, then wrap the cable around the spool in the center. Replace the bottom section, and twist it to take up any slack in the cable.

Here’s what the dock looks like when it is ready to go …

Just Mobile HoverDock13

The result is a minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing, and Mac-matching dock.


Just Mobile is running a 30% off special on their HoverDock and a few other essential items over the next couple of days (March 29-30 only); if you use the code SEblast, you can take advantage of these specials.

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• AluPlug US and the AluPlug EU; we reviewed the US version here.

The Just Mobile HoverDock retails for $34.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Minimalistic iPhone dock that looks good anywhere; Can be used with several light devices that also charge via Lightning cable

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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