SmartSwipe System For Online Shopping Review


“Hey D,” Elana said as she came down the step the other night, “did you spend $170 at Macy’s yesterday?”

“Macy’s??” I asked, “No way. I mean, when was the last time I went shopping for any non-tech item without you? Why do you ask?”

“Because AmexEx emailed and was checking up on a suspect purchase.” she said shaking her head.

Yup, YET AGAIN someone was trying to use one of my cards to make purchases. (The last time it was caught much later by the company whose card had been compromised.) As luck would have it I was just starting a review of an item that promises to help with online shopping and, in the process make it less likely that your credit card will be compromised when shopping on line.

The item is the SmartSwipe and it…

…protects your credit card information from malicious software while you shop online
…provides proactive protection against ‘phishing’ sites
…provides added protection against Man in the Middle attacks

From The Company-

SmartSwipe is the new, smarter, more secure way to shop online. The SmartSwipe (by NetSecure Technologies) is the world’s first truly secure personal credit card reader. When you install SmartSwipe, you can swipe your credit card at your home or office computer just like you would in a store. Plug the SmartSwipe into your computer’s USB port, go shopping to your favourite online stores and swipe your credit card – it is that easy. The best part is that you know your credit card information is safe and secure.



The SmartSwipe system delivers on it’s promise.


First you need to install the software from the enclosed CD. The program will immediately indicate that an update is available. It is worth noting that at this time the software is Windows only. Hopefully a Mac version is in the works.

After the software is installed you must reboot the computer. Plugging in the SmartSwipe and then launching Internet Explorer will immediately launch the program. (Yes, you read that right- launching Internet Explorer will launch the program. Try using Chrome and… no go!)

If you then visit a site and attempt to make a purchase the SmartSwipe will invite you to click on the program’s action button. From there you simply swipe the card and, if it is the first time you are using that card, input the three or four digit security code. (After the first time the program will remember the code and this step can be avoided.)

Swipe the card the way you would if checking out of Best Buy and… your card number is heavily encrypted before even hitting your computer let along the internet. After that you simply wait… your item is on the way.

SmartSwipe is simple to use and it ensures that your credit card number is not exposed to hackers. With the holiday season on the way the SmartSwipe is a smart idea. Trust me… even when dealing with a great company like American Express having your card number stolen is a pain.

What I Like-
Simple to set up and use, gives added peace of mind if you do a lot of online shopping

What I Don’t-
Windows Only, Works in Internet Explorer

The SmartSwipe has an MSRP of $79.95. It is available from Amazon for $67.99 and, if you buy it, it will be the last time you input your credit card information directly.

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