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July 18, 2012 • Events

GearFest GearChat #2, All About iPad Apps


In Part 2 of our GearFest Gear Chat we take a look at some of the apps we use and love. Check the bottom of the post for links to each

Gmail Get it.

Documents to Go Get it.

Blogsy Get it.

Bento 4 Get it.

Type on PDF Get it.

Pages Get it.

IA Writer Get it.

Elements Get it.

Scanner Pro Get it.

TouchRetouch HD Get it!

And since we mention how much more we are now using our iPads to take pictures… here are some of my favorite camera apps!

Photogene Get it!

ColorSplash for iPad Get it!

SketchMee HD Get it!

iPhoto Get it!

Comic Life Get it!

Diptic Get it!

Layout Get it!

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