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August 9, 2012 • News

Afternoon Video, G-Form iPhone Case Base Jump

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Sure, this video is an advertisement for G-Form’s protective iPhone case but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome… or that these guys aren’t nuts. Yeah, flying through the air after jumping out of a helicopter and wearing an outfit that gives you wings isn’t my idea of fun. Neither is dropping an iPhone from that same helicopter. But the question is… does the iPhone survive? Here’s the video and the description.

Gary Connery joined world-renowned fellow wingsuit and base jumpers Brett Kistler and Jamie Flynn on the Eiger in Switzerland. Suited up in G-Form’s extreme protective compression gear, the team captured some spectacular footage and breathtaking views, while flying in wingsuits at well over 100 mph.

Equipped to take video with iPhones protected by G-Form cases, the wingsuit trio spontaneously decided to test the technology in G-Form’s typical extreme fashion by dropping one of the iPhones from more than 1000 feet. The iPhone records the entire free fall and subsequent ground-impact. The phone is recovered by Connery after his return to the ground and is completely undamaged in its G-Form case without even a glitch in the video.

You can learn more here.

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