Sena Wallet Skin for iPhone 5 Review

Sena Wallet Skin for iPhone 5

Sena Wallet Skin for iPhone 5

We’ve reviewed numerous products from Sena cases, and the story is always the same… in a good way. The company’s cases are made from quality leather, and they are artfully crafted and are made to last and stand up to serious use and abuse. Add in a nice range of color and texture choices, and there is pretty much something for everyone over on

This time out we’ll be taking a video look at the Sena Wallet Skin for iPhone 5. The Wallet Skin stands out as a case that fits the way many of us live in 2013. After all, it is not uncommon for many of us to leave the house without our wallet, but rarely, if ever, do we leave without our phone. Case in point; just yesterday my father-in-law showed up unannounced to borrow some money. He had gone out to pick up dinner only to discover he had his phone but had left his wallet in his other jacket. Had his phone, license and credit card all been in the same place, he wouldn’t have had an issue. That’s where an iPhone Wallet/Case combination can come in rather handy.

We’ve seen a number of iPhone cases that double as wallets, but far too often they have been are too bulky ruined the clean, thin lines of the iPhone 5. At other times the wallet cases were simply too unrefined and poorly executed. I’m no fashion plate, but I’m not about to put my iPhone 5 into a case that looks like I sewed it at home. Sena’s Wallet Skin doesn’t fall into any of these traps. The case is refined, looks and feels like a quality product and, best of all, it doesn’t turn the iPhone 5 into a brick.

Here’s our video review.

I think it is clear from the video that I like the execution of the Wallet Skin for iPhone 5. Sure, as soon as you start adding cards into the case it will gain some thickness and weight, but since the cases are subtly held in the back of the case it won’t like your iPhone 5 needs some time on Jenny Craig. And if you only use the wallet portion to carry a license and a credit card, then it really isn’t bad at all. Quality leather and construction mixed with a nice level of utility help create a case the looks good, protects well and solve a major “1st world problem”. In all seriousness it is a nice, practical, quality case. You can learn more, see all the colors and textures and order yours here on the product page.

MSRP: $54.95

What I Like: Sena leather and Sena quality; Good protection all the way around; Lay-on-the-table protection; Wallet portion is at the back and rather discreet; Hardware is included but use of it is optional; A nice wallet-case combination design that doesn’t look and fee too bulky

What Needs Improvement: Even if you aren’t carrying cards the case will be a bit thicket than a normal “skin” case

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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