Apple and Samsung Profits Go to 11!

Apple and Samsung Profits Go to 11!

Imagine if you put $100 in $1 bills up for grabs in a classroom science experiment competition, with money divided up based on overall score decided by the rest of the school. You come into the room and ask for reports from the top 5 scorers. The first one hands you $71; the next one hands you $37 … wait, WHAT?!?

That is right – Apple and Samsung combined for 108% of the total smartphone profits for the quarter. How does that work? Well, it means that the rest of the industry LOST money.

Also, look at the market share distribution for the US smartphone market:

Apple and Samsung Profits Go to 11!

After Apple (31%) and Samsung (24%) everything else is just ‘other’.

Yep … there is a reason that even as they give each other tons of money and business on the supply side they also battle it out in courts worldwide – there are HUGE piles of money at stake!

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