SwitchEasy Cases Will Protect Your Phone from Drops and Scratches

We’ve tested plenty of iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases out on the market here at Gear Diary, but none quite like the SwitchEasy cases that are out now for the latest and greatest iPhone model. And we had the chance to review them!

SwitchEasy sent over their Play, Aero, N+ and their Nude cases for the iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus devices. All have their own specialties, each greater than the next.
First there is the SwitchEasy Play. Labeled as the world’s lightest drop proof case not he market, courtesy of special Polycarbonate scratch-proof film that is not only protective of the entirety of your phone, but with its shock absorption, you can easily drop it from waist height and be secure that it will still work. I liked the Play model, however, I felt it to be a bit flimsy on the sides in terms of gripping. Which is a bit ironic for a case that is built to protect. It did, however, after dropping from a five-foot height, protect the device.
SwitchEasy was nice enough to include a wrist strap as well as a viewing stand for the Play which is welcoming, but I just wish that you could tuck in the wrist strap extension because holding the case can be a bother with it just sticking out. You can remove it completely, but doing this will remove the viewing stand.
Next up is the N+, which is a bit more generic looking, but offers up a shockproof drop protection, on top of a 360-degree protection for your device. My favorite feature of the N+ is that it’s scratchproof so you won’t ever have to worry about it getting those ugly smudges and dings over time. The protection for the buttons are ideal and they don’t stick like most cases do. One thing that I do appreciate as well is that I the camera cutout protects both the lens and the flash alike, without compromising the flash when you feel the need to take a selfie.
The Aero is the lightest case I’ve used, offering not only drop-off protection, but the TPU case has protection on the back that will help you avoid your phone cracking after a drop. The Aero offers up 360-degree protection just like the N+, but weighing in at 12 grams, it shows a frosted version of the back of your device which is a pretty nice effect if you ask me.
Finally, there’s the Nude. The Nude, I will say it is one of the clearest iPhone cases in the market. With it’s UV Scratch resistant coating, unlike those crappy clear cases on the market, the sleek appearance won’t fade in a week, which is possibly why I refrain from using ANY crystal clear cases on the market.
It’s super slim as well at 0.8mm, which I appreciate, but I will say, I wish that there was full protection for buttons. A lot of companies claim drop protection but will expose the bottom of your iPhone, so if there was anything they could improve, it would have to be FULL coverage of the Nude, including the buttons.
SwitchEasy seems to get everything right depending on what your preference is for protecting your phone. I enjoy the Aero the best, But you can check out SwitchEasy today and see which one works for you here.
Source: Manufacturer supplied review units
What I Like: I liked the Nude case for its steadiness, although I wish it covered all of the buttons
What Needs Improvement: The edges felt loose on the Aero as well as the Play; The Play should give users the option to completely remove the kickstand/lanyard feature.

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