Maybe the Athletes Are Making Water Balloons?


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Have you heard about the latest Olympic scandal? No, it’s not more doping accusations. And no one else threw a badminton game. But it is hitting the Olympics where it hurts- their pocketbook. See, the Olympics have sponsors for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. So the organizers were quite unhappy to discover that non-Durex condoms were being distributed to athletes! According to the Guardian:

London 2012 are investigating how a bucket of unofficial condoms found its way into the athletes’ village without official consent. The Australian BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted a photograph of the bucket, which featured a sign reading “Kangaroos condoms, for the gland downunder”, and a picture of a boxing kangaroo.

Clearly, London 2012 officials have nothing better to do than bust an illegal condom distribution ring!

Looking into this a bit more closely we discovered that Olympic athletes were provided with 150,000 Durex condoms (hence the outrage over Kangaroo condoms hopping their way in) so I sincerely hope the contraband bucket was a brand preference and not simply because the Olympics ran out! (Still, at “just” 150,000 it seems the athlete’s extra-curricular activities are… uhm… busy.)


Personally, I would pay Olympic front row seat prices to see Matt Lauer’s face if an athlete blamed their poor showing in the games on the too-easy access to condoms! At least we know there won’t be as many mini-Olympians running around come June.

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