Updating Your Home’s Furnishings? AUTUM Designs Has a Couch That Is “To Die For”

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Updating Your Home's Furnishings? AUTUM Designs Has a Couch That Is "To Die For" Listen to this article


Apparently Dracula didn’t get the memo… Sleeping in a coffin is passe; it is old school and looks a bit silly. Seriously, in 2011 no self-respecting vampire would be caught alive sleeping in a coffin.

Sitting in a coffin while you read, watch TV or chat with company however … now THAT is an entirely different story.

Our friends at AUTUM, yes the same design outlet that brought us the AUTUM Straight Jacket sleeve for the iPad and the new MacBook Air, are doing a limited production run of what has to be the most unusual couch we have ever seen, the Heretic. The Heretic’s sitting area is made from Italian leather but the frame is made from a real (and we will assume new and unused) steel coffin.


As the company web site explains,

Made from an 18 gauge steel coffin, the Heretic features 4 cast iron legs that support in upwards of 800 pounds, a hand built and sewn seating area made from Italian leather, and a roman numeral laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included.


The Heretic is hand-made in the  USA, custom-built from an 18 gauge, steel coffin, has a “welded underside for durability”, has a custom “hand sewn seating area”, and it comes with a laser engraved ID plaque.

AUTUM is doing a limited production run of just three Heretics. The couch costs $4500 and comes with “complimentary domestic shipping”. If you want a couch that is handmade and sure to be the center of any room — and any conversation, then look no further.

No, we won’t have a chance to actually review the Heretic, but if you do buy one of the three would you please send us a picture of it in your home?

More details and ordering information can be found on the AUTUM website. And while you are there make sure to check out the Straight Jacket for iPad, 11″ MacBook Air and 13″ MacBook Air. We loved reviewing them, and we are happily continuing to use them.

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