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We reviewed the Satechi BT MediaRemote back in July and were impressed with the functionality it brings to pretty much all iOS devices. Sure, it is good for controlling music from a distance but it really shines as a remote shutter control for the iPhone’s camera. Dexim has gone one better with their new ClickStik for iOS. We brought word of it a few weeks back and now we have one in hand.

The ClickStik features a lightweight, multifunctional tripod and a matte-black Bluetooth remote shutter control. There is also a free app available through the App Store that “allows users to zoom, edit and share photographs via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email”. The ClickStik works with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch (and the trigger portion, as opposed to the stand and mount, works with all iOS devices). Let’s take a closer look and then give the review sample away!

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As Dexim explains:

Once the included universal holder and tough mount tripod are securely attached, users simply launch the application to begin capturing photographs when the time is right. The included Bluetooth remote pairs easily and releases the front or rear camera shutter from up to 30-feet away. The remote also allows users to switch between still shots and video and its lithium- ion battery quickly recharges via the included micro-USB cable. A Velcro strap is also provided to allow for convenient positioning of the tripod in elevated settings.

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It features:

A Bluetooth Remote and Camera Stand for iPhone / iPod Touch

An easy-to-use Bluetooth remote puts you back in the group shot when snapping photos

A powerful Free App allows you to edit photos and send to friends via Facebook, SMS, Twitter and Email

A tough Mount Tripod holds your iPhone or iPod Touch securely in place to get the perfect shot

The free Clickstik App includes the ability to add photo filters, frames, text, stamps, write messages and easily send photos to your friends via Facebook, SMS, Twitter and E-mail.

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The ClickStik is impressive in what it offers. Dexim could have sold the remote trigger on its own and had a decent product. The inclusion of the mount and tripod stand is an added bonus.

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At the top is the included tripod. It feels rather cheap, especially when compared to something like the Joby GorillaPod. Then again, this tripod is INCLUDED in the package whereas the GorillaPod is a purchase unto itself. Add in the fact that it comes with a velcro strap so you can wrap the mount around a post, branch or similar holding-point and you have a great way to easily position your iOS camera and get the shots you want.

In the middle is the iPhone/iPod touch mount. It holds the iOS device quite securely. The mid-section has a screw that connects it to the tripod. There is a lot to like when you take all the components into account.


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Here’s a close look at the tripod. It folds up quite neatly and uses the velcro to keep the legs in place when not in use. This is key since the legs are clearly going to be the weak-point on the device. Keeping them together when stowed is key if you are going to throw this into a gadget bag.

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The ClickStik itself is a small item. That’s the idea. It can be hidden in your hand and used to remotely fire your smartphone camera from up to 30 feet away.

It is also a one-trick pony that does one thing- fire off the shutter. That stands in opposition to the multi-purpose Satechi BT MediaRemote. But again, that is the idea. With the ClickStik you don’t really need to think too much. Just connect the Bluetooth on the device and you are good to go.

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So here is one “use scenario” for the Dexim ClickStik.

You take the tripod and attach it to a vertical fence post.

You attach the iPhone mount to it and place your iPhone in it.

You adjust the iPhone so the lens is capturing the bench 20 feet away.

You and some friends then go sit down.

The ClickStik, which is hidden in your hand, is then used to take picture after picture of you and the gang.

Bam, great group shot and you had to neither exclude one of the people in the group nor ask a stranger to take your iPhone and snap the picture.

In all the ClickStik impressed me. It is specifically designed for taking remote pictures with an iOS device. That might be TOO limited for you but if it is not… you can’t go wrong. You can find out more and order your own here on the product page. You can also read below and enter to win one in this Friday’s newsletter.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Does what it promises; Lets you remotely fire your iOS camera; Tripod and mount let you position your iPhone or iPod touch in multiple ways

What Needs Improvement: Tripod feels a bit on the cheap side; The ClickStik is a rather specific one-trick pony


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