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I reviewed the Plantronics Voyager Legend back in September. It was a fantastic upgrade to the Plantronics Voyager (a longtime favorite of both Elana and me) in most every way. It features 7 hours of talk time, 11 days of standby time, Bluetooth 3.0, wideband audio; A2DP streaming and much more. The available battery case, which both protects and charges the headset was a welcome accessory. My conclusion at the time? “It is, by far, the best Bluetooth headset I have reviewed. And the fact that it is under $100 is rather amazing to me.” You can read the full review here.

A few months later I have a new favorite. Sort of. You see, as good as the Voyager Legend was the Voyager Legend UC, which adds some welcome accessories into the mix, is even better. I won’t repeat the initial review of the headset itself but did want to take a look at what the US package has to offer.

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The Voyager Legend UC includes the charging case that both stores the headset safely AND offers up to 14 hours of additional talk time. That means that, when used together, the headset and case can get you through an entire day of talking- even if that day lasts 21 hours! The case also lets you see the battery status of the phone and the charging case.


The UC package also includes a USB Bluetooth adapter. The adapter lets you use a single headset with a host of different devices including a computer, a smartphone and a tablet. And because the Bluetooth miniUSB adapter is so small it can stay in your laptop all the time.

The headset, USB adapter and charger case make for a nice combination. The Voyagers Legend UC package includes even more.


There is a USB desk charger. The unit has small footprint and a magnet built into the charger portion. The headset snaps into place and is firmly held while it charges. It is a great way to keep the headset close at hand and ready to use when a call comes in.

The desk stand is a good matchup with the headset’s Smart Sensor™ technology. The Smart Sensor™ technology senses you putting the headset on. When you do it automatically answers your smartphone call. Similarly, if you are running softphone software and a call comes in putting on the headset also answer that call.


Finally, the UC package also includes a mini adapter. One side magnetically grabs the headset while the other has a microUSB port. Since the company also include a USB to microUSB cable and a wall charger you’ll be good to go during long trips when the battery runs down. That means you get three different ways to keep the Plantronics Voyager Legend going. You can use the charging case, the desk charger or the mobile mini-charger. That kind of flexibility is important when it comes to a headset that will be used at work, home and on the go.

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The Plantronics Voyager Legend US is a great package that offers quite a bit. The headset itself is excellent and, with the addition of the accessory package you not only gain flexibility and talk time but you also gain the ability to use the headset with a computer. It is a great package and, for someone like me who, at times, uses Skype for calls it is a great piece of kit.

MSRP: $199.95 (Get it for under $150 here through our Amazon Affiliate Store)

What I Like: Great headset that is comfortable, gets terrific battery life and packs technology that makes it easier than ever to use; Headset and charging case give you almost a full day of talk time; Various charging solutions provide excellent flexibility;

What Needs Improvement: The Voyager Legend UC is just under $200. That may be a bit pricey for some. Then again, this is the professional version of the consumer-friendly Plantronics Voyager Legend; I wish the software integrated with FaceTime

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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