Belkin’s Latest Battery Packs Are a Great Back to School Gift For That Student In Your Life

With the summer winding down, we all know one thing is for certain — back to school sales will be everywhere you turn. But not everything on your shopping list should be pens and pencils, you should pick up a few products by Belkin to make sure that student goes back to school in Style.

One of those items you certainly need to purchase is the Belkin Pocket Power battery pack. Everyone has cell phones these days, and it would be a shame to have the battery drain or die on you when you least expect it. Why not get one of the most compact and fast-charging power banks on the market. Available in 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh (in black, rose gold or silver) as well as a 15,000mAh model (black only), you can charge your iPhone 7 up to 1.5 times over with the smallest model which is ideal for the average phone use.

Here are some key features of the Power Pocket power banks:

·       Built-in safety features protect the device and the consumer

·       Micro-USB port charges battery pack quickly and efficiently

·       6” micro-USB cable included

·       4 LED indicators display remaining power level

·       Plastic casing provides a lightweight solution

“With the smartphone becoming even more essential in people’s lives, not just as a means of communication, but as a camera, music player, navigation system, and Internet-access device, preventing low battery on-the-go is even more important for consumers,” said Marco Peters, vice president of product management. “Deep consumer insight studies conducted by our teams allow us to understand what consumers need and encourage us to continue to innovate with new materials and technologies.”

You can purchase any of the Pocket Power battery packs, starting at $29.99 for the 5000mAh version directly from Belkin.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Can easily charge my iPhone 7 Plus 2-3 times over.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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