Snagajob App Helps College Job Hunters Find Hourly Employment for Winter Break

Having two teenage boys, when I heard about the app Snagajob I was intrigued. Snagajob is a service dedicated to hourly employment, and the apps for iOS and Android are simple and easy to use to search for an apply jobs. And now in the full swing of holiday shopping, Snagajob can help college students grab seasonal work during break!


The great thing about the app is not just the amount of jobs listed, but how locally focused it is. So many job sites are filled with … well, junk. But in Snagajob I am seeing jobs listed at places that are in the area and are actually hiring! The apps for iOS and Android use your GPS to locate jobs in your area, and the app makes applying for jobs easy.

“In a matter of seconds, a job seeker can find and apply for a job in a way that’s easier, faster and fundamentally more personal, by allowing them to make a true first impression, leveraging photo and video, all from their mobile device,” said Snagajob CEO Peter Harrison. “With so many students looking for hourly employment, the Snagajob app is a simple way to find jobs that match a candidate’s background.”

I was lucky when I was young that the place I worked in high school allowed me to come back and work nearly unlimited hours every college break – but that is very rare! Snagajob is helping college students by adding a filter specifically for seasonal jobs.

Here are some of the features:
• CLICK APPLY — Use your Snagajob profile to apply to jobs with 1-Click for postings in select markets
• VIDEO PROFILE — Personalize your profile with a 30 second video to stand out from other applicants
• FLEXIBLE SEARCH — Search with keywords and location from a list or right from a map to find jobs hiring now
• VIDEO APPLICATIONS — Record a video right from your mobile device to apply to select postings; quickly and easily
• APPLICATION STATUS UPDATES — View real-time status updates on applications where available
• SAVE JOBS — Save jobs to apply to later
• JOB ADVICE — View helpful Job Tips for applying, interviewing and career growth

Where to get the apps?

iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad)
Google Play

You can watch a video overview here. Head to the official site for more details or to get started!

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