Bling My Thing iPhone 4S Case Review

Bling My Thing iPhone 4S Case Review

For some people the iPhone is a tool, a way to do business and keep in touch. For others, it doubles as both a tool and a fashion statement. The choice of a case isn’t utilitarian, it’s a way to express your style. That’s where “Bling My Thing” comes in with a Swarovski elements studded clear case, and as a coworker of mine exclaimed “This isn’t a case, it’s a work of art!”

Bling My Thing iPhone 4S Case Review

Physically, the Bling My Thing case is very similar to most minimal shell cases. It’s actually just a hair thicker than my Incipio Feather case, with the exception of the embedded elements, of course. All the ports and switches are accessible, and the case is clear, which lets the Swarovski elements really stand out. They pop against my black iPhone, but I would guess this would look even better with a white iPhone. I also like that as a clear case you can show off the clean industrial look of the iPhone, which makes a nice contrast with the sparkly back.

There are three concerns I had with this case before I opened the packaging. One, the screen is exposed with no protection if it is face down. Bling My Thing does include a nice screen protector and cleaning cloth to help with this though. In addition, clear cases are notorious for showing every scratch. The back of the packaging says it has been treated with a scratch-resistant coating, but I haven’t had the case long enough to test this. Finally, there is a rather large logo in the right corner for Bling My Thing, and, well, it’s not the most attractive logo; it looks sort of like a recycling sign. But these are nitpicks.


Personally, this is a bit too sparkly for my tastes. But as I said, a coworker saw it when I received it, and absolutely fell in love with it [it’s headed to her daughter when this review is done!] And it isn’t just adults who love it — our 18 month old nephew thought it was the coolest iPhone he had ever seen, and he attempted to make a few phone calls with it.

If you love the idea of the iPhone as a fashion accessory and want something minimal and sleek, then this is a great case!

MSRP: 44,99 € (or about $59) direct from Bling My Thing

What I liked: Minimalist design; comes with a screen protector; sparkly; popular with teens and toddlers!

What Needs Improvement: Company logo is ugly and takes away from the overall design


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