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Two cases from Us+U arrived last week. One, for the Kindle Fire, is on the way to Carly for a full review since Sarah LOVES her Fire. The other, the Simple Swivel, is for the iPad 2 and 3, so I took it out and ran it through its paces. When I first saw it I was not impressed. After all, the case doesn’t protect the screen and is made from “synthetic leather” which is simply a euphemism for cheap plastic. Actually, it’s not cheap at all; it feels quite good, but it’s still plastic. In addition, because of the swivel on the back, hence the name, it’s a bit thicker than most other cases I’ve had.

Once I took it out and put an iPad into it, however, I changed my tune. It actually feels quite good, is exceptionally well-designed, could be quite useful for someone who is using their iPad on the go, and the company makes a donation for every product sold. As the company explains, “The Simple Swivel combines the flush-mount typing kickstand and patent-pending 360° rotating handle from the Swivel ProFolio in a sleek, lightweight case.” Let’s take a look at it on video but first… some details!

From Us+U:

Say hello to the Simple Swivel, our newest rotating iPad case. The Simple Swivel combines our patent-pending, self-adjusting rotating handle, flush-mount kickstand and convenient pen/stylus holder in a sleek, minimalist case design. It offers great protection for the back and edges of your iPad 2, while the man-made leather frame and suede microfiber lining keep it stylish, lightweight and durable.

Need more features and extra protection? Check out our Swivel ProFolio rotating case for iPad 2 and 3.

The Simple Swivel frame features an animal-friendly, man-made leather outer shell with a soft suede lining.


At the heart of our line of revolutionary rotating iPad cases is our patent-pending, self-adjusting handle, offering a full 360° rotation of your iPad with only one hand.

All of our rotating iPad cases offer a flush-mount kickstand that positions your iPad at an ideal angle for typing.

The Simple Swivel includes a convenient elastic loop for holding a pen or stylus, when you prefer to write the old-fashioned way.

Our commitment to Good Design means every porthole and cutout on your Simple Swivel is ideally positioned and cleanly finished, from the volume buttons to the camera to the often-neglected light sensor.

Every iPad case we make has to pass our stringent quality control guidelines: we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

As noted above and in the video, I didn’t think I would be all too impressed by the Simple swivel. I was, I am, and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to use their iPad while standing and/or walking around. No, it will not give you screen protection, but it will protect the rest of the device and hold on to you so you don’t hold onto it. You can find out more and order yours here on the company site

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Holds the iPad securely; Has a built-in stand; Hand grip grips you and is secure; iPad can rotate with ease

What Needs Improvement: No screen protection; “Synthetic leather” won’t be a favorite of purists

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  1. Us+U donates 3% of every product to charity. That’s about $1.49 per Simple Swivel and Swivel ProFolio for Kindle Fire and about $2.09 for our Swivel ProFolio for iPad.

    Hope that helps.

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