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September 28, 2012 • Music Diary, News

FL Studio Mobile 2 Video Preview

If you are looking for the best and most robust music studio app for the iPad, you have likely considered GarageBand, NanoStudio, and FL Studio. FL Studio Mobile offers a downscaled version of the popular PC electronic music-focused package – and while almost everyone loved the original, the lack of integrated sampling and limited editing and complete absence of a quality synthesizer were glaring omissions.

With the upcoming 2.0 release (free for existing owners) Image Line looks to address these issues and more! As part of this they have released a couple of preview videos to show off new functionality. Let’s check them out:

Here is a preview called ‘recording guitar’ that shows off some of the new tracking features as well as instrument creation.

Here is a preview called ‘Sampling Stuff’, showing off sampling percussion to use as instruments:

Both videos show the utility and functionality added by the new version, which are both highly anticipates and look very well integrated. They are also planning to upgrade to 8-track simultaneous audio recording. As of now there is no estimated release date.

Head to the official FL Studio Mobile site for more info!

Oh, and as for the ‘what about Android’ question:

The process indeed goes a lot slower than any of us expected.
A lot of time was wasted trying to get low latency audio
(at the time Android didn’t allow it)

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