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September 29, 2012 • Health and Fitness, Outdoors

The New Garmin ForeRunner 10 Prepares for the Wineglass Marathon!

I had posted about the Garmin ForeRunner 10 announcement previously, and we were expecting a review sample but had been notified that they were still waiting for stock before shipping. While acknowledging the message and thanking them for the update, I mentioned that it was too bad it wouldn’t arrive in time for the Wineglass Marathon I am running this weekend, but since I would be running a half-marathon in a month it was no big deal. Justin at Garmin got back to me quickly, saying that he would have one in my hands by Friday (yesterday) … just in time for the marathon!

My morning run had come and gone, but I was still able to check it out, get it charged up, and registered online. I took a quick look at it in terms of features and functionality, and found that it offered simple access to everything I needed. Here is my unboxing and first look:

But I couldn’t wait to check it out on the road. So this morning I went out for a quick final warm-up run, and I wore both watches for the couple of miles. Both linked to satellites fairly quickly, though I was surprised that the Nike+ linked faster (it is highly variable, and the other day never grabbed the satellite at all!).

I have a couple of small cul de sac loops that the foot pod of the Nike+ tracks well that seemed underestimated by the Garmin, but otherwise everything looked almost identical in terms of time and pace.

So now I will wear the Garmin for the marathon tomorrow, and report back about that experience soon!

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