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January 6, 2014 • Gear Bits, Health and Fitness

Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor Launched At CES 2014!

Spree Fitness Monitor

Spree Fitness Monitor

Everyone is speculating that the ‘hot new thing’ at CES this year will be ‘wearable technology’. Wearables include the Pebble watch, Google Glass, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Magellan Echo, and fitness monitors such as Fitbit Force, etc. New to the category is Spree ‘Revolutionary’ Fitness Monitor from Hothead Technologies, bringing heart rate and temperature to help you better understand your health!

The question you might have is if this will allow you to wear it around work without looking silly or having a heart-rate strap around your chest? No – the Spree actually attaches around your forehead, with the rationale that it is the only place that offers information about movement, heart rate, and temperature. This is not a fashion accessory, but a hardcore fitness tracking monitor!

Here is what Hothead Technologies says about Spree:

Spree is a cutting-edge device that stands apart from other fitness monitors, such as those worn around the chest or arms, by analyzing the three most important variables in every fitness routine – body temperature, movement and heart rate. The sleek and comfortable headband unit captures all the real-time data needed to optimize every workout and achieve ultimate performance, then streams the information to an easy-to-use smartphone app that charts exertion and provides visual indicators when each activity’s goal is reached.

* Headband placement gives you the most accurate reading for body temperature, heart rate and calories burned.
* Keeps you from injury or health risk by finding your optimum zone for intensity, body temperature, and movement.
* The only workout device with body temperature monitoring so you get an effective workout without risk of over heating.
* Soft touch silicone band conforms to your forehead to block sweat with comfort.
* Spree app monitors your performance and keeps track of your workout.

Head to Hothead Technologies or Spree Sports for more information.

The MSRP of Spree is $299.99, and the site says it is shipping in 4-6 weeks!

Here is a video showing off the technology:

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