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I’m a big fan of JOBY’s products and have been since I reviewed their very first GorillaMobile Tripod. That review sample is still going strong, and in the years since the company has added numerous other products to their portfolio. One thing that did come as a bit of a surprise to me was their move into the camera strap market. They currently have three camera straps available, and each brings their same commitment to rethinking familiar products and adding flexibility and value to them in the process. In this video review, we take a look at their most unusual 3-Way Camera Strap.

Here’s a look at what JOBY has to say about it, and a look at what I have to say about it, too!

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From JOBY:

Just like JOBY revolutionized camera tripods, we set out to transform camera straps. To replace the limp piece of cloth and foam hanging off your camera, we’ve created an innovative strap that does a whole lot more than just hang there. The 3-Way Camera Strap™ is three camera straps in one compact design, transforming quickly from wrist to neck to shoulder with a push of a button.

Designing a 3-in-1: By testing every strap on the market and talking with photographers, we discovered that most camera straps for DSLRs and CSCs were only designed to be worn in one position. But, photography is a bit more complicated than that. Our solution—a strap that embraced the need to change it up throughout a shoot, providing you with the flexibility you need to get the perfect shot

Reliable Wrist Strap: Keeps your camera safe from harm, but still accessible so you never miss a shot

Hands-Free Neck Strap: In one fluid movement, the strap extends to become a full-length neck strap leaving your hands free for other tasks, like changing a lens

Versatile Shoulder Strap: Perfect when you need your hands for other things, like checking your phone or eating a burrito

Seamlessly Switch Between Modes: The 3-Way Camera Strap adjusts instantly with a simple pull. To extend the strap, unlock the lock mechanism at the strap base and pull your camera and the strap in opposite directions. Then lock the strap back in place to secure in neck or shoulder mode. To return to wrist mode, unlock the lock mechanism and the strap will automatically retract.

I like this product, and despite my initial apprehension regarding the thinness of the extendable cord, I can recommend it without hesitation. I think this could be especially useful with a camera such as the Canon G11 I used up until July. That’s especially true since it makes a safe, convenient and secure hand strap. And, as I show in the video, when you move the red security ring closer to your wrist you can help make sure the camera cannot accidentally slip from your grip.

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Obviously what makes this strap stand out is the ability to turn it into a neck and shoulder strap. That is done with ease, once the back button on the end is released.

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From there you can extend the extra code to the length that is most convenient, and most comfortable for you. And when you want to go back to “hand strap mode”, you simply release the locking button. The cable retracts automatically.

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One strap, three uses, and lots of convenience. Not a bad deal for under $40.

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And if you are worried something this light might also be fragile… don’t be. JOBY went to a lot of trouble to make something that was light, easy-to-use, AND reliable.

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I’m liking the JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap. It is a bright idea that is well-executed. It adds comfort, flexibility and security to your camera. And while I see myself using one of the heavier-duty camera straps I am reviewing, I can recommend this to anyone who wants the degree of flexibility it offers — especially if you use one of the smaller shooters like the G11!

My one criticism of it is the fact that when using this strap, you lose access to the tripod mount. If you swap between holding you camera and mounting it on a tripod you might find it inconvenient. If you rarely use a tripod though, you should have no worries at all. You can learn more here on the product page. You can order yours here through our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Flexible; Convenient; Easy to use; Does exactly what it promises; Mechanism looks and feels quite reliable

What Needs Improvement: Covers tripod mount when used

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