All-In With the New iPad


All-In With the New iPad

Mike and Carly have discussed the fact that the iPad is their 80% Plus computer. Mike even went so far as to try to use the iPad exclusively for a few days. (You can read about it here.) Well, I am embarking on my iPad-only experiment although I do so out of necessity. You see, prior to the MacBook ProR I had at least two computers. Usually that meant a desktop and a laptop but, for a time it meant a 11″ and a 13″ MacBook Air. That meant I always has a “spare” Mac available to me. Not so now since my 15″ MBPr is my only computer. That’s not a problem except for the fact that… it broke. Yes, the space bar on my computer started flaking out and Apple is going to replace it. That (the repair under the warranty) is the good news. The bad news is the fact that the retina display MBP is rather challenging to fix. (The Apple genius’ words, not mine.) I won’t see my computer until the middle of next week.

So it is all iPad, all the time. What will my setup look like for the next few days? A lot like this…

All-In With the New iPad  All-In With the New iPad

I was watching ABC last night to see the VP Debate and I noticed something interesting. Check out the lower left of this image…

All-In With the New iPad  All-In With the New iPad  All-In With the New iPad

Here’s a closeup. That’s right, on the desk is an iPad, an Apple keyboard and… an Element Case Joule. We reviewed it here all the way back in September of 2010 and I still use mine all the time. Like Element Case’s iPhone cases the Joule is not only functional but it looks and feels amazing. It is eye-catching and a pleasure to use. And for the next few days I will certainly be using it…


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