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March 19, 2013 • News

HiddenRadio LE Metallic Red Speaker Stands Out


It is small, it hides in plain view and it packs a punch. And now the HiddenRadio comes as a limited edition Metallic Red speaker. How limited is it? The company is producing just 500 of these units. Let’s talk about the HiddenRadio itself, and then return to this limited edition.


The HiddenRadio is a compact wireless speaker that also includes a built-in FM radio. Good at home or on the go this all-in-one speaker is designed to enhance your listening enjoyment. The HiddenRadio is a Bluetooth speaker/amplifier with a built-in FM radio. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity it works with most any and every Bluetooth enabled device. And while there are a plethora of Bluetooth speakers in the mid-$100 range currently available, this speaker offers an unusual, “iconic” design. Its minimalistic design is simple to use since the interactive cap is also the control for the power and volume. You just twist of the cap a bit and the speaker turns on; twist it further and the volume increases. And to pair the HiddenRadio? Simply lift and twist the cap to put it into pairing mode. What could be easier?


The HiddenRadio weighs less than a pound, fits in almost any bag or backpack and gets up to 15 hours of playtime. In addition, the unique design of the Hidden speaker offers a full 360° of sound that reaches over 90dB! I could see a speaker like this being perfect at the lake house during GearFest 2013!

The HiddenRadio is available here the HIDDEN website in Metallic Silver, Graphite Black and Pure. The Red version is available for pre-order if you use the code RED500; all HiddenRadios retail f0r $145.95

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