Flipside Wallet Introduces the STRATA, the World’s Most Secure Minimalist Wallet

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My Wallet of choice is the Flipside 2X from Flipside Wallet. It doesn’t look like a traditional wallet, and that’s a good thing. No, this wallet is made from a rigid Reinforced Polycarbonate. It looks like this…

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It gets strange looks when I pull it out but I love my Flipside 2X and have used it daily since first writing my review of it back in October of 2010. Read the review. I like the fact that it is RFID shielded so thief’s can’t scan it and love the fact that, thanks to its rigidity, it forces me to keep my wallet uncluttered.

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Now Flipside is introducing a brand new wallet, the STRATA. The Flipside STRATA™ Wallet was

designed with minimalists in mind. It is very compact and thin, locks shut so nothing falls out, and shields your cards from unauthorized RFID Scanning. Our patented design also features a revolutionary new double-edged money clip that prevents cash from slipping off while inserting or removing the wallet from your pocket.

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Why would they go this route? As the company explains,

We realized long ago that there are people who carry wallets, and then there are minimalists. These users tend to not carry much at all, which typically consists of 5 cards or less and next to no cash inside card carriers or money clips.

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The STRATA offers:

RFID Shielding: Main card slots prevent RFID scanning of your credit/debit cards

High Strength Polymer Design: Prevent your cards from being bent

Locking Button: Never lose anything out of your wallet again

Fast Card Access: Holds 5 cards in two fast access slots

Secure Clip Design: Patented design prevents cash from

At only 7/16″ thick, the STRATA looks like a great way to carry the necessities while making sure all of them are stowed in a strong polymer and aluminum alloy case that prevents crushing and bending of cards and shields your data. Add in the “patented ‘double-edged’ money clip” that holds 8-10 cash bills or an additional card, and you are good to go.

The STRATA is only $29.95 and will come in Stealth, Mech, and Trooper when it launches this Friday. We are looking forward to getting our hands on a review sample. Check it out here, on the product page.


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