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November 15, 2012 • News

Waterfield’s New Indy Is Just the Right Size for the iPad mini

Judie reviewed the Waterfield Indy bag for the iPad when it was first released. (Read the review.) I then stole it from her and, ever since, it has been my favorite bag when I want to travel light. I like how thin and light it is and, with Raiders being my all time favorite movie, it kinda sorta appeals to me in a geeky way. (Come one, admit it, the opening scene with the big rolling ball is only outdone by the Nazi’s face melting.)

I love the Indy, but now that’s am carrying the iPad mini as my daily driver it is actually a bit too big. (Never thought I would write that!) Well, Waterfield heard my tale of 1st World Woe, and they have announced a new smaller Indy. It has the same great design, but it is scaled for the smaller iPad. Here’s what the company has to saw about it:

iPad too big for a pants pocket? With the Indy, slip your iPad or iPad mini in and off you go. This dime-thin, over-the-shoulder urban bag practically melts in your hands. Made of soft, distressed leather, it combines the well-worn, outdoorsy look with the sophistication of the man-about-town. Thoughtful details like a pocket lined with soft, scratch-free Ultrasuede® for the iPhone and a zippered one for a wallet keep the Indy svelte and your gear accessible. The top has an almost-invisible zipper to keep prying hands away, and the main compartment has two deep pockets (one in the Mini) for more organization. Available in luxurious black or brown leather with a just a hint of color (six choices) and a choice of sturdy black matte or shiny nickel hardware.

Pricing starts at $169. Learn more and order yours, here.


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