The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

I’m not going to get into all the obvious movie allusions I could make about the WaterField Indy iPad Bag; suffice it to say, the bag has rugged appeal with just enough refinement, and even when brand new, it looks like something that might have been handed down to you from a favorite uncle. That’s actually a selling point, I think.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

Measuring 10.3″ wide x 12″ tall  x 1″ deep, the Indy weighs 17 ounces empty. It is composed of tumbled and distressed leather, which comes complete with scratches, imperfections, and other miscellaneous markings; this means that from the beginning, you can fearlessly use the Indy without dreading the day when you’ll inevitably notice the first scratch, ding or water spot. This is a bag that begs to be taken everywhere, and it is slim enough and simple enough that it can be carried by either a man or a woman.

The only decoration anywhere is a flash of color trim binding the diagonal slash pocket’s edge on the bag’s front. This trim is available in black, copper, flame, green, pearl or pine, so it’s your decision whether the trim will stand out just a bit or subtly blend in.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

This bag is meticulously sewn, and I have no doubt that, like all of my other Waterfield items, it will last for many years.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

The only branding on the Indy is the Waterfield logo on the inside of the front slash pocket; no one will see it unless they are searching for it. This same front pocket is completely lined in no-scratch Ultrasuede, and it would be a safe place to keep a pair of sunglasses.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

If you don’t know to look for it, then you might miss the hidden Ultrasuede pocket just inside the front pocket. This pocket will hold the iPhone in a slim case, a naked Nokia Lumia 900, or any other similarly sized phone.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

The Indy’s gold nylon-lined interior has a compartment that is large enough to hold the iPad (and whatever case you keep it in) with room to spare. This compartment is also perfectly sized for other 11″ tablets and small netbooks; I tried it with the ASUS Eee PC 1008P, and it fit with room to spare.

Two open pockets line the forward-facing wall; at approximately 7″ tall x 5″ wide each, they can hold cables or other miscellaneous items that you want to bring along.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

A 5″ long nylon ribbon holds a metal key clip on the inside of the main compartment; no more fumbling around in the bottom of the bag as you dig for keys.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

There are two YKK zippers on the Indy; the first closes the main compartment.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

The second zipper secures a 10″ deep gold nylon lined pocket on the back of the bag …

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

… which would be perfect for holding plane tickets, passports, a slim wallet, and anything else that you want to keep handy and secure.

The WaterField Indy iPad Bag Review

The Indy is comfortable to wear on the shoulder or cross-body; its 1.5″ wide webbed nylon strap’s metal hardware can be adjusted to fit male or female wearers of all sizes.

The only complaint I have about this bag has to do with the strap, and it is one of those things that may or may not bug anyone else.

I recognize how nylon webbing — the same material that is used to make seat-belts — is extremely strong, it will distribute a bag’s weight way better than a thinner leather strap will; on a full-size laptop bag I would absolutely expect to see it used. But this is one time when I really wish that a leather strap was used instead, or possibly offered as an option. I doubt that the Indy will ever carry that heavy of a load, and I think this bag would have been absolutely stunning if the strap had been made from the same leather as the bag’s body. For all I know this wouldn’t have worked with the Indy’s hardware, or it might have meant that the bag would fit fewer people because it would have been less adjustable … Even so, I can’t help but think of how amazing a double-layer adjustable leather strap would have been. Like I said, this is something that may only bother me, and I can be extremely picky.

The Waterfield Indy is the perfect bag for anyone who wants a streamlined and fashionable way to carry their daily gear. Although it will appeal to those who like a rugged, outdoorsy look, I think that it will also look great on anyone who wants something “different” from the usual leather bag. The Indy has tons of personality, it’s extremely well made, and it has all of the special Waterfield touches that will make it a bag you’ll love to use.

The Indy iPad Bag is available directly from Waterfield. It is available in grizzly brown or black, and accent colors include black, copper, flame, green, pearl, and pine; hardware color choices include nickel and matte black.

MSRP: $179

What I Like: Ultrasuede front pocket is a handy place to carry sunglasses; dedicated Ultrasuede pocket for mobile phones is convenient; high visibility gold interior pockets make it easy to find items inside; plenty of pockets and YKK zippers to keep items secure; great unisex style

What Needs Improvement: I would like this bag even more if there were an option to order it with a matching leather strap

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