Carry Your Tech and Look Professional Doing It Part 3: the Moshi Aerio Lite

I’m going to be up front about this review: I’m biased because vertical messenger bags are my favorite kind. So I was already predisposed to like the Moshi Aerio Lite before I tested it out, and after using it I can easily confirm my first impression was correct!

The Aerio Lite has a simple design, but plenty of pockets and organization. The front flap has a zipper pocket, there’s a slash pocket on the back, and inside there is padded space for an iPad, along with organization slots for things like a wallet and/or smartphone. Keeping with the smooth appearance, the front flap gets secured by magnets, so there’s no clips, snaps or velcro to fumble with or to clutter the style. It has a smooth and comfortable strap, with plenty of slack to adjust it to your liking. My one quibble is that there’s no padding of any sort, and you can’t remove the strap to swap it out for one that has that. It’s a minor point, but worth noting if you load your bag down with a lot of heavy items.

Even if, however, you’re a bit more minimalistic, the Aerio Lite is perfect. It easily held my iPad mini, my wife’s iPad, my wallet, keys and smartphone. The bag is somewhat structured, so it is easy to carry a few items or several and still maintain the same slim footprint. There’s a thick suede-like material on the bottom of the bag, and while it’s not stiff enough to stand on its own, this does offer some nice protection when you set the bag down.

Overall, the Moshi Aerio Lite is a great bag. I have a few minor quibbles – there’s no carry handle, and the strap could use some padding. At the same time, this is a messenger bag that you could wear into a meeting and not be embarrassed by, and it’s a bag you can wear with casual clothes as well as professional ones. Messenger bags have a tough line to balance, because they can easily tip into the “too casual” side. At the same time, with tablets becoming a huge part of business, there’s increased demand for bags that allow you to carry an iPad and other essentials, and Moshi did a great job with Aerio Lite. It might be a bit steeper than competitors at $99.95, but it’s also a fair bit nicer than the competition, and it’s worth paying more for quality design!

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Like: Quality design and construction; nicely padded area for tablets; several pockets to keep things organized

What Needs Improvement: No carry handle to make it easier to pick up and go.

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