U-Bar- Mounts Your iPad 2 on the Wall and a Whole Lot More


One of the reasons I considered keeping my first generation iPad now that I have an iPad 2 in hand is the fact that I have a host of different methods for securing the original iPad to the wall, on my treadmill and more. The range of accessories I have at my disposal for the first generation device add a tremendous degree of useful functionality to it. While I have no doubt the same options will be available for the iPad 2 they currently aren’t on the market. No surprise since the new version only became available last week.

Well, we just got word of one of the first wall-mounting solutions that will be coming to market for the iPad 2 and it looks great. We’ll have more details and a full review of the U-Bar soon but here’s a quick look at what it has to offer.

The iPad is undeniably a beautiful device and therefore deserves to be displayed in an equivalent way. The U-bar is a stylish and compact surface mounting wall holder for the iPad that enables you to charge, display, store and interact with your iPad. Whats unique is the U-bar’s ability to fold away to reduce it’s visual impact when not in use.

Exciting Opportunities
The U-bar provides new and exciting Home Automation interface possibilities; there are already many Apps for controlling lighting, temperature and other home functions. The U-bar enables you to mount your iPad(s) conveniently for managing your home. The design allows for surface or hidden wiring connection.

The U-bar is also ideal for retail display applications; running a slide show of products or services you wish to promote. The integrated charging feature enables the iPad to be conveniently powered.


Imagine this mounted on your wall. Look a bit bulky when not being used doesn’t it? Turns out they considered that when designing the unit. It looks simple but packs a fair bit of hidden utility.

When designing the U-bar we wanted to ensure that the iPad’s aesthetic should be preserved, so we followed a simple but effective expansion of the iPad’s contours, framing the iPad on the wall and maintaining the iPad’s elegant shape.

The U-bar is designed specifically for the iPad and therefore it fits neatly in place when mounted on the wall. We made sure that you still have total access to all physical features, and our cable options allow the audio to be output from the multi-connector.


Key to the design is the way in which the two vertical arms can fold down and hide inside the unit.

The most unique aspect of the U-bar is its folding arm system, this is what differentiates the U-bar from other iPad wall holders. Most current wall holders may look okay when combined with the iPad, but once removed the remaining frame looks large and empty. With the U-bar, at the touch of the button the arms retract, leaving a simple bar reducing the visual impact of the holder when not in use.


Hidden cabling let you charge the iPad and output the audio to a source of your choosing.

The U-bar not only provides a place to display and interact with your iPad, but also enables you to charge your iPad at the same time.

We have designed the U-bar in a way that allows you to fit your own charging cable (or one of the extra long or combined charging audio cables that we can supply). The cleaver cable tensioning arrangement allows for you to run the cable down the wall below the U-bar or to run it out behind the U-bar if the cable is to be hidden in the wall.

Being able to charge the iPad in-situ allows for permanent use as a display or as a touch interface for Home Controls in a useful and safe place.

Finally the company answers one of the most important questions before it even has to be asked-

The U-bar is specifically designed for the iPad and so it slots securely in place in the U-bar. However for that extra sense of safety; maybe you have lively young children or animals, or if you wish to store the iPad permanently, the U-bar comes with a key to lock the iPad in place. Whilst this is not going to stop a determined thief breaking the U-bar apart to remove the iPad, it is a deterrent to it being casually lifted out by someone who is not supposed to.

The U-Bar will be $90 -$115 US depending on the cabling options you choose.

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