Murim Wars Massively Multiplayer RPG for iOS and Android Coming in December!

Murim Wars Massively Multiplayer RPG for iOS and Android Coming in December!

As more and more mobile gamers are connected to high speed networks and are looking beyond simple puzzle games, genres previously tied to computers and consoles have sprung up on mobile devices. Of course, having the graphics capability to run those apps is also a big bonus! It seems that every few months we see a new game that expands the realm of possibilities for online interaction in a mobile setting.

In just a couple of weeks we will see a new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for mobile devices – this is a genre previously restricted to the PC due to network and computing capabilities. Here are some details:

The world is changing. Evil clans are trying to conquer the land with dark magic and powers, but there is still some hope left. You must become the ultimate warrior and lead the people of Murim to the freedomJoin a clan and upgrade your battle skills, or found your own and defeat rival groups, the choice is yours. You can use spells, ancient weapons with mysterious powers, or work with other clan members to become the mightiest clan in Murim.

About Murim Wars

Fight your way up to become the strongest guild or nation in Europe! Murim Wars is online Role Playing game offering huge possibilities to upgrade your Hero and cooperate with other players worldwide to create your own guilds or join existing to strength their position in battlefield. It´s up on each player if he wants to join England, Germany or other nation’s forces to help them in global battle or assemble own faction. The clan mode features especially a chat and message board to communicate with other members and a unique battle system, in which you can either attack rivals, or defend your own group from other clans. The game will be available via Google Play, Apple Appstore and in all major virtual stores throughout Europe.

Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game for Android and iOS
Fight other players LIVE
FREE and Paid updates with new missions, weapons, techniques, spells, and more
Collect rare and powerful loot items
Innovative Clan, Guild and contribution system
Bring your friends into your clan to make you stronger
Chat with other players
Live customer support
Community center include web site and forum
Supported Languages: English, German

The game will launch on December 13th, so get ready!

For more details, check out the official Murim Wars site, or keep track of them on Facebook and Twitter.

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