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June 7, 2012 • News

G5 Games Shows Off Jumpster, Its First Physics Platformer at E3!

I have covered loads of G5 games over the last few years, and most of them fall into the hidden-object, adventure, and puzzle-based casual genres. But now they have announced a new sort of game – Jumpster, a physics-based platformer! Here are some details:

Fans of the physics genre games are in for a treat. G5 Games is about to launch its first physics platformer, Jumpster – with high-flying action that is not to be missed. G5 will showcase the game to a select press group at ShowStoppers and E3 in Los Angeles, but you can get a sneak peek at this AAA puzzler now by previewing the trailer below.

Jumpster has exactly what puzzle gamers are looking for: easy to master game mechanics, challenging but beatable gameplay, beautiful graphics and a soundtrack to which you’ll find yourself humming along. The game has tons of content that will be continually updated with new brain twisters for you to solve. The game will be available on iOS free of charge with a variety of in-app purchases that will let you customize your Jumpster and gameplay.

In the game you play as Jumpster, a cute little alien who is touring a galaxy. His ship gets hit by a meteorite and springs a fuel leak. Poor Jumpster crash-lands on the planet Okadia and now needs to recover the lost fuel, if he wants to continue his trek. To do so, he must tackle traitorous traps and hungry monsters in his path.

To play, you slingshot Jumpster by pulling back while setting your angle, and then you let go. You’ll fly Jumpster trough death defying traps and teleports, you’ll maneuver him though teeth gnashing monsters and control numerous moving vehicles while in search of the UFO fuel. Jumpster is a hit and you’ll be addicted right from the start!

G5 has also released a teaser trailer for the game:

Head to G5 for more info … there isn’t anything about Jumpster yet, but I’m sure there will be before long! Jumpster is due to arrive in July for iOS, and based on everything else it will also head to Android, Nook and Kindle Fire soon after!

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