Games of Thrones for PlayStation 3 Review

Games of Thrones for PlayStation 3 Review

This role-playing game was created in partnership with author George R. R. Martin, inspired by the first book in the author’s award-winning, international bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Veteran fans can enjoy this quality game as the HBO televised series winds down while new fans can discover a taut, engaging medieval world.

The Hype

“Game of Thrones™,” the RPG based on the internationally bestselling book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and the critically acclaimed HBO® television series, Game of Thrones®, is now available. Replete with the authentic political intrigue and complex narrative the acclaimed fantasy series is known for, this captivating interactive adventure gives fans a new and exciting way to lose themselves in the world of Westeros.  With an original story written under the watchful eye of George R. R. Martin, who recently stated, “I’ve sampled the work Cyanide has done, and I’m largely happy with it. I think many of my fans will share that feeling,” the “Game of Thrones” RPG is filled with characters and locations straight from the pages of the beloved fantasy novels.  Moreover, the game includes the likenesses of fan favorite characters from the television adaptation.  “Game of Thrones” promises to deliver the ultimate interactive role-playing experience for fans of the series and its gritty, sophisticated medieval drama.

The Reality

The well-timed release of this role-playing video game offers Game of Thrones additional experiences within an original parallel path using several cut scenes (some non-essential scenes can be skipped). Game developers could have simply retold George R.R. Martin’s originating Fire and Ice novels, but take the time to create a great experience founded in this world. Fans of the novel series and HBO television series will get a deeper experience based on character, setting, and situation knowledge while “newbies” can uncover a deeply layered experience.

Games of Thrones for PlayStation 3 Review

The main story incorporates choices along the way where varying trust and dynamic allegiances demand player attention to succeed. Each chapter contains different endings and is conditional on past decisions. Nothing real complex here just basic choices where players must balance between strong and weak as well as positive and negative; good and evil; compassionate and ruthless. Characters will even appear or never appear at certain time based on continuing player choices. No spoilers here as the impressive story engages gamers who can enjoy five different story endings.

Games of Thrones for PlayStation 3 Review

The setting, character, and secondary visuals are adequate though the facial animation need more work and better synchronization with the dialogue, which also appears in text. The menu visuals work well in battle as the action slows down without stopping just enough so players can make choices from a convenient, circular menu. These methodical and purposeful actions concentrate on skills and intuition without needless, menial “fetching” tasks that do not progress the story. One of the best choices becomes the “interrupt attack”, which freezes foes.

Players battle with fire, swordplay, archery, axes, and special attacks including switches into an attack dog’s body. The real-time actions incorporate a circular menu with choices made in slow motion, so timing is everything. Memorize all the actions and their corresponding actions for more impressive battles.

Games of Thrones for PlayStation 3 Review

Battles with multiple targets can get occasionally frustrating and the sense of reality is blunted by rare clipping issues (unrealistic physics, objects running through each other that shouldn’t, etc.). The decision focused side quests add more replay value while the story’s intrigue holds a high interest in continuing the game and progressing to the next events including various surprises and plot twists. Also available on Xbox 360 and PC via download and a special art book bundle on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Review: Games of Thrones

Where to Buy: and other stores

Price: $49.99 ($59.99 SRP)

What I Like:  plot surprises, secondary missions, choose-your-own-adventure-type dialogue choices, character development

What Needs Improvement: art direction, combat system, clipping especially in slow motion sequences, face visuals during spoken dialogue

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